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Ahoy NY Food Tours Blog

The Best of New York City: The Best Pizza, Burgers, Fried Chicken and More!

Looking for where you can find the best pizza, burgers, fried chicken and more in New York City? If you are a foodie, New York City is the place to be! Whether you are looking for a light snack or hearty meal, there are countless tempting options across the city, and we are here to…

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March 26, 2024

Where to Get the Best Ice Cream, Gelato, Italian Ices and More in New York City

Looking for fun, foodie ways to cool off in New York City this summer? Summer is in full swing so you may be looking for tips to beat the heat. We can’t think of a better way to do that than by getting an ice cold, sweet treat. Here are our picks on where to…

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July 3, 2023

The 7 Best Snacks in New York City to Try This Summer

Looking for delicious sweet and savory snacks in New York City? Summer is in full swing, and it is the perfect time to try something new. We have been on the lookout for both sweet and savory snacks. So, with everything from ooey gooey cookies to juicy fried chicken wings, here are the 7 best…

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July 27, 2022

The 7 Best Dessert Shops in Chinatown and Little Italy Open Right Now

The summer is here and we are on the hunt for the best desserts in Chinatown and Little Italy! These neighborhoods have so many delicious options including a bunch of hidden gems. So with everything from Japanese style cheese tarts to Italian gelato, here are the best desserts shops in Chinatown and Little Italy open…

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July 10, 2020

The Best Cookies in Chinatown and Little Italy, New York City

Chinatown and Little Italy is full of hidden foodie gems including scrumptious cookies! Can’t make it to these neighborhoods in the near future? We have gathered some of the best cookies in Chinatown and Little Italy, New York City in our Ahoy NY Cookie Snack Pack! Here is why we love all these cookies and what…

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June 12, 2020

Seven Foodie Ways to Cool Off in New York City This Summer

It can get pretty hot and humid in New York City during the summer so you may be looking for some creative ways to beat the heat! With everything from creamy ice cream to Japanese shaved ice, here are seven foodie ways to cool off in New York City this summer. Get some ice cream

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July 12, 2019

7 New Restaurants to Try in New York City This Spring and Summer

Every year a bunch of exciting restaurants open in New York City around the spring and summer time and 2019 is no different. More choices are always a good thing! So with that in mind, here are seven new restaurants to try in New York City this spring and summer. Mercado Little Spain – 10…

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May 17, 2019

NYC Link Roundup: The Best Pizzas, Desserts & More in New York City!

Happy February! We are already hoping for an early spring! In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we look at the best pizzas in New York City, the best desserts and more! There are so many delicious things to try with so little time. How the Slice Joint Made Pizza the Perfect New York City…

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February 8, 2019

Where to Eat in New York City Before the Summer Ends

There are still a few weeks left to take advantage of the summer so there is no better time than now to try something new! From some of the most beautiful places to dine outdoors to some of our favorite dessert shops, here are some ideas on where to eat in New York City before…

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August 17, 2018

The Best Places in New York City for Anyone with a Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth? Craving sweets like candy, ice cream and cupcakes? Then you are in luck! New York City has a number of great options for tasty sweet treats. So here are the best places in New York City for anyone with a sweet tooth. Also check out our blog post on…

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June 22, 2018

Cheap Eats: The Best Desserts in New York City for Under $5

Craving something sweet? With everything from egg tarts to ice cream, here are the seven best desserts in New York City for under $5! Be sure to check out our other cheap eats lists: the best burgers, sandwiches, pastas and more! Lung Moon Bakery – 81 Mulberry St P.C.: yelp, Jocelyn K. When we are…

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May 25, 2018

NYC Link Roundup: Fun Things to See and Do in New York City & More!

In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we are taking a look at some fun things to see and do in New York City. So with everything from a foot long cannoli to a pop up boba exhibit, there is a lot to look forward to this year. Be sure to also check out our guide on fun things to do in New York City this spring! This Foot Long Cannoli Is New York City’s Latest Smash Hit Trying the foot long cannoli at Gelso & Grand (186 Grand St) is on our short list of things we have to do. It certainly will be memorable and it would probably have to be a group effort… What to Do in NYC (and What Weather to Expect) Each Month If you are planning a trip to New York City…

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May 5, 2017

NYC Link Roundup: Where You Can Find the Best Pizzas in NYC & More!

New York City is renowned for its world class pizzerias, so in this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we take a look at the best pizzas in New York City and more! Let us know what your favorite place for a slice is at our Twitter or our Facebook page with the hashtag #TakeABiteOutoftheBigApple. 10 Best Slices in NYC You can’t go wrong with any pizzerias on this list but we absolutely love, love Joe’s Pizza and Lombardi’s. Both offer perfection with every bite! Brooklyn Pizza: Best Slices and Pies in the Borough Brooklyn is home to a number of excellent pizzerias too. Best Pizza, L&B Spumoni Gardens and Di Fara are all worth the trip alone. NYC Easter Brunch: Restaurants with Prix-fixe Menus and More Easter is right around the corner. If you are planning a fun…

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April 7, 2017

Seven Unique Desserts That You Can Find in New York City

New York City is every foodie’s dream—especially if you have a sweet tooth. They are so many amazing dessert shops and many of them are pushing the envelope day after day. They offer some truly interesting and creative sweets. So if you are looking for something a little different, here are seven unique desserts that…

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October 21, 2016

NYC Roundup: Yummy Desserts, Cheap Eats, & Team Building Activities

When it comes to food and fun things to do, New York City is the place to be! In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we look at mouth watering desserts, delicious cheap eats, fun team building activities and more! Where to Find Soft Serve Ice Cream in New York City It is getting pretty hot in New York City and soft serve ice cream is definitely on our mind. This is a pretty comprehensive list of all the yummy options. The Best Chocolate Pastries and Desserts in NYC We definitely have a sweet tooth and sometimes ice cream is just not enough. These amazing chocolate desserts are also on our radar. Introducing New Awesome Additions To Team Build NYC Here are some good ideas if you are planning a team building event in New York City. Be sure…

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August 5, 2016

NYC Link Roundup: Narrowing Down What to Do in NYC, the Best Desserts!

New York City is buzzing with excitement now that summer is here. So if you are a foodie or if you are planning a visit to the city any time soon, this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup is perfect! Here are a bunch of recommendations for lunch and dessert and a bunch of tips on how to narrow down what fun things to do on your visit to the Big Apple. A Tour of Columbia University’s Asian Food Carts We have to take a trip to Morningside Heights one day and try these food carts. They look amazing! In Search of the Best Black and White Cookie Who would have thought there was so much history and so much variations to this seemingly simple New York classic? We can’t wait to do our research on the black and white…

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June 10, 2016

The Seven Best Dessert Spots in Chinatown and Little Italy

There is no shortage of options for dessert in New York City. In particular, there is a number of excellent desserts that you can find in Chinatown and Little Italy such as Asian-inspired ice creams and tasty cannoli. So here are the seven best dessert spots in these two neighborhoods. Make sure you save room…

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April 22, 2016

The Best Cheesecakes in New York City

Cheesecake is a NYC food that is almost as iconic as hot dogs and pizza. It just so happens that we love, love cheesecake. If you are a fan of cheesecake too, there are a lot of options! So from old school bakeries to new contenders, here are the best cheesecakes in New York City….

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September 4, 2015

The Best Cupcakes in New York City

If you love cupcakes, New York City is the place to be! There are a lot of good cupcake shops here however if you are looking for the best, we are here to help. Here are the best cupcakes in New York City including some that are off the beaten path. Butter Lane Bakery –…

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November 14, 2014

The Best Ice Cream Spots in New York City

Although it may not seem like it at times in New York City, spring is here and summer is right around the corner. When we think of summer, we think of ice cream, the ultimate summer treat! So we are very excited to present the best ice cream spots in New York City. Chinatown Ice…

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April 18, 2014