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The 7 Best Snacks in New York City to Try This Summer

Chip City Cannoli Cream Cookies

Looking for delicious sweet and savory snacks in New York City?

Summer is in full swing, and it is the perfect time to try something new. We have been on the lookout for both sweet and savory snacks. So, with everything from ooey gooey cookies to juicy fried chicken wings, here are the 7 best snacks in New York City to try this summer. What we love most is that the snacks on this list come from cuisines from around the world. The diversity is one of the many things that makes New York City so unique!

Giant Cookies from Chip City

Chip City White Chocolate and macadamia nut cookie

We can’t resist a good, fresh baked cookie and our new go to place for such cookies is Chip City (298 Bleecker St and Other Locations). We have tried their cannoli cream and white chocolate & macadamia nut cookies and they were both outstanding. Their cookies are massive so it may look like you might need to share but after taking one bite, you definitely would want the whole cookie for yourself. What is exciting about Chip City is that their menu changes every day so you can try something new with every visit.

Macarons and Matcha from Setsugekka

Setsugekka Black Sesame Macaron

Setsugekka East Village (74 E 7th St) is a tiny hole in wall shop, renowned for their top notch matcha but they also have tasty snacks to pair with your drinks. Our pick that is perfect for the summer is an iced watermelon matcha with a black sesame macaron or soba parfait. It just hits the spot even on the hottest days.

Sponge Cakes from Kam Hing Coffee Shop

Ahoy New York Food Tours Tonii Sponge Cake

One of our favorite snacks in Chinatown is the fluffy sponge cakes from Kam Hing Coffee Shop (118 Baxter St) and their sister shop, Tonii’s Fresh Rice Noodle (83 Bayard St). They come in all sorts of fun flavors like chocolate chip, green tea and coconut. We love highlighting amazing mom and pops shops like Kam Hing and Tonii’s on our Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest tour.

Italian Pastries from Ferrara’s

Ferrara's Bakery Cannoli

There are so many tempting treats and snacks at the historic Ferrara’s Bakery (195 Grand St) in Little Italy. Their cannoli is a must if it is your first time here but another amazing snack to try is their huge lobster tail. It is a flaky pastry with a sweet and creamy filling. Join our Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest tour to taste some of the best foods that these two neighborhoods have to offer including amazing sponge cakes, cannoli and more!

Korean Chicken Wings from Tada

Tada Honey Soy Garlic WingsP.C.: yelp, Jimmy Y.

We had some of the juiciest chicken wings at Tada (70 Bayard St), a new restaurant in Chinatown. These Korean style chicken wings are just bursting with flavor with every bite. Honey soy garlic is our favorite flavor but if you love spicy foods, you can get these chicken wings to be quite spicy too.

Sapin-sapin from Kabisera

Kabisera Sapin-sapin

Sapin-sapin is a Filipino layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert. The sapin-sapin from Kabisera (151 Allen St Store S) taste as amazing as it looks! It is sweet and gooey with the perfect amount of crunch from the toasted coconut on top. It is not overly sweet, so it is great as a mid-day snack too!

Empanadas from Empanada Mama

Empanada Mama Wheat Corn and Over Baked EmpanadasP.C.: Empanada Mama LES

Finally, the perfect summer snack on the go are empanadas and we have been finding ourselves going to Empanada Mama (95 Allen St and Other Locations) time and time again. There are a bunch of amazing fillings to choose from and some of our favorites include the seafood stew, Cuban and pernil. Trust us these empanadas are absolutely stuffed and even though it comes with sauces, we don’t need it since the empanadas are so flavorful already!