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Introducing the Ahoy New York Cookie Snack Pack and NYC Game Night Kit

We have two exciting (and yummy) products to announce, the Ahoy New York Cookie Snack Pack and New York City Game Night Kit! The cookie snack pack features delicious tri- color rainbow cookies and soft pignoli cookies from Ferrara’s Bakery in Little Italy and sesame cookies from Fa Day Bakery in Chinatown. Also included is a recipe to make your…

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May 25, 2020

Cheap Eats: Exciting New Snack Options in New York City for Under $5

Looking for a tasty snack that won’t break your budget? We are here to help! Here are our cheap eats picks for exciting new snack options in New York City for under $5! Also check out our other cheap eats blog posts: best pizza, fried chicken, desserts and more! Levain Bakery – 1484 Third Avenue…

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August 16, 2019

The Best Places in New York City for Anyone with a Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth? Craving sweets like candy, ice cream and cupcakes? Then you are in luck! New York City has a number of great options for tasty sweet treats. So here are the best places in New York City for anyone with a sweet tooth. Also check out our blog post on…

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June 22, 2018

Six New Snack Spots in Chinatown, New York City

Looking for a yummy snack in Chinatown? You are in luck! A number of interesting snack spots recently opened up and here our picks for the best new snack spots in Chinatown, New York City. Also check out our blog post on the best snacks on the go for even more tasty options. Kam Hing…

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March 16, 2018

NYC Link Roundup: The Best Poutine in NY, Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Spring is right around the corner (March 20) and it still can’t come fast enough! In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we look at the best poutine in New York City, celebrating St Patrick’s Day and more. The Absolute Best Poutine in New York City Poutine is a popular snack that originated from Quebec,…

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March 9, 2018

The Seven Best Summer Snacks and Treats in New York City

If it is scorching outside and if you are looking for a quick bite to eat, New York City has countless yummy options! We narrowed it down and these are the seven best summer snacks and treats in New York City. With the days of summer slowly ticking down, there is no better time than…

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August 4, 2017

The Seven Best Congee in New York City

Congee aka jook or rice porridge is the ultimate Chinese comfort food. It can be a quick breakfast, a delicious snack or even lunch on the go! It gives you an energy boost and for us, it is absolutely essential on chillier days. So with that in mind, here is our list for the seven…

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April 21, 2017

The Seven Best Fries in New York City

Who can resist a really good French fry? They are a tasty snack and the ultimate comfort food. Plus there are so many ways to kick it up a notch! We took a look around and here are the seven best fries in New York City. Five Guys – 296 Bleecker St & Other Locations P.C.: yelp, Madeleine N. First off, there is nothing fancy about Five Guys’ French fries but they are exactly what you imagine when you think of the perfect fry. These fries are super addictive, perfectly salted and piled high with each order. Pomme Frites – 128 Macdougal St P.C.: Pommes Frites We were sad when Pomme Frites had to close due to a huge gas explosion but they recently reopened in a new location in Greenwich Village. They are still serving their incredible twice fried…

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February 24, 2017

Where to Eat in the Flatiron District, New York City

The Flatiron District is named after the world famous Flatiron Building. This neighborhood has quietly become a must for any foodie with its world class restaurants. So with that in mind, here are our seven picks on where to eat in the Flatiron District, New York City. Burger & Lobster – 39 W 19th St Burger & Lobster is a bit north of Union Square in the Flatiron District and they have more choices now on their menu than ever. You can get a grilled or steamed lobster in various sizes (we usually stick with the original 1.5 lb lobster) or you can choose from a delicious assortment of burgers or lobster rolls. There is even a burger with lobster in it. It is amazing! Dough Doughnuts – 14 W 19th St Looking for a yummy snack in the area?…

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February 3, 2017

Seven Hidden Gems in Chinatown and Little Italy

There are some amazing restaurants and shops that are easy to overlook in New York City. This is especially true in Chinatown and Little Italy. So with that in mind, here are seven hidden gems off the beaten path in Chinatown and Little Italy featuring the best jerky, snacks, sandwiches and more. Ping’s Dried Beef

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January 6, 2017

The Seven Best Cookies in New York City

Nothing beats a warm cookie on a cold day. Whether you are a fan of chocolate chip cookies, black and white cookies or something more unusual, here are the seven best cookies in New York City. It is hard to eat only one cookie from any of these places! Jacques Torres Chocolate – 350 Hudson St & Other Locations Jacques Torres Chocolate still has the best chocolate chip cookies in New York City. They only use the best chocolate so their cookies are rich, decadent and delicious! City Bakery – 3 W 18th St P.C.: yelp, Xavier S. You can also get another top notch chocolate chip cookie at the City Bakery in the Flatiron District. It is simply amazing and heaven in every bite which makes them hard to share. Momofuku Milk Bar – 251 E 13th St &…

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December 16, 2016

The Best Macarons in New York City

Are you looking for a quick, tasty treat, some little Italy dessert? Perhaps you are looking for a good conversation starter at a party or get together. You really can’t go wrong with macarons! We’ve honestly tried a bunch of macarons over the last few years and now we’ve narrowed down the best. So without further ado, here are the best macarons little Italy NYC has on offer. Want to get a taste of the best macarons NYC has? Tous Les Jours 7 Division St & Other Locations Macarons have become quite popular lately and nowadays you can even find them in Chinatown! Tous Les Jours, a French Asian bakery just opened a new location in Chinatown and we especially love their raspberry and coffee macarons. Mille-feuille Bakery Cafe 552 Laguardia Pl & 2175 Broadway Mille-feuille Bakery Cafe is a…

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September 25, 2015

Weird Dishes That You Can Find in New York City

New York City is home to a number of world class chefs so it is no surprise to see many of them pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. This makes for a truly unique food scene. If you know where to look, you can find some unusual but fun, delicious dishes. So with that in mind, here is our list of weird dishes that you can find in New York City. We recommend them all! Pizza topped with pizza – Vinnie’s Pizzeria – 148 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn A pizza pie topped with smaller pizza slices went viral last week. It is nicknamed pizza inception and you can get that slice at Vinnie’s Pizzeria. It is such a crazy and fun idea that we hope it stays on the menu. Chocolate Chunk Pizza – Max Brenner – 841 Broadway…

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June 5, 2015

The Best Doughnuts in New York City

If you are looking for a tasty treat on the go, a doughnut will be perfect! It just so happens that there are a lot of great options for doughnuts in New York City. Whether you are looking for a cake doughnut, a light and airy doughnut or a filled doughnut, here are the best…

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May 29, 2015

The Best Snacks on the Go in Chinatown

Are you looking for a cheap snack or a good snack on the go in Chinatown, New York City? Look no further! Here are all our go to places in the neighborhood whether you are looking for candy, cakes, or BBQ chicken skewers. Tasty Dumpling – 42 Mulberry St It is no secret that Tasty Dumpling is our favorite spot for fried dumplings but they also have a very good scallion pancake which we highly recommend. It is quick, convenient and tasty. What more can you ask for? Aji Ichiban – 37 Mott St If you are in the mood for some unusual snacks and candies, you can’t beat Aji Ichiban. In the past, we have gotten everything from gummy chicken feet to candied crabs. Xi’an Famous Food – 67 Bayard St We remember when Xi’an Famous Foods was just…

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January 16, 2015

Ahoy New York Food Tour’s Favorite Chinese Desserts

Many of our readers enjoy Chinese food and NYC’s Chinatown, but have you tried any of the traditional Chinese desserts? If you are visiting NYC’s Chinatown, you will find several bakeries that offer the typical Chinese desserts. These desserts usually have ingredients such as red bean, coconut and black sesame; you will find that they…

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September 20, 2013

The Most Delicious Things We Ate This Summer in New York City

Summer has just about come to an end and we here at Ahoy New York want to take a look back and reminisce on some of the most delicious things that we ate this summer in New York City. Of course, we want to hear about all your foodie adventures this summer too! You can…

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August 30, 2013