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Seven Hidden Gems in Chinatown and Little Italy

There are some amazing restaurants and shops that are easy to overlook in New York City. This is especially true in Chinatown and Little Italy. So with that in mind, here are seven hidden gems off the beaten path in Chinatown and Little Italy featuring the best jerky, snacks, sandwiches and more.

Ping’s Dried Beef – 58 Mulberry St # 1

Ping’s sells a delicious sweet Asian twist to the classic beef and pork jerky. We have not had jerky like this anywhere else. Be warned though they close as soon has their daily supply of jerky runs out so be sure to go there earlier in the day.

Thanh Hoai 1 – 73 Mulberry St

Thanh Hoai 1 has a little bit of everything. They have yummy Vietnamese soup noodles aka pho and Vietnamese sandwiches aka banh mi. They are both great lunch options. They also have hot pot which is perfect for dining out on cold days. But we love them for their seafood boil specials. You can get succulent lobster, crab, clams and much more here!

Hometown Hotpot & BBQ – 194 Grand St

It may seems a little out of place in Little Italy but another overlooked place for hot pot is Hometown Hotpot & BBQ. There is always a line to get into 99 Favor Taste (285 Grand St) and Hometown is just a few blocks away. They offer the same hot pot and tableside BBQ dining experience and the dining room is more spacious with better décor. We love them both but when the wait time to get in 99 Favor Taste is too long, Hometown is next on our list.

Parisi Bakery – 198 Mott St

If you walk a couple steps away from the heart of Little Italy, there is Parisi Bakery. It is popular with locals but it is still overlooked by many as one of the best sandwich shops in New York City. If you haven’t already, you have to try the absolutely loaded Dennis sandwich. It has chicken cutlets, prosciutto, mozzarella and tomatoes. It is heaven in every bite.

Tria Diner & Bakery – 1 E Broadway

Everest Diner was a neighborhood mainstay for years and we were sad to see it close. Tria Diner opened about a year later in the same spot and it definitely filled the void in the neighborhood. Plus when you walk in Tria Diner you may be surprised by the large selection of delicious pastries. We especially recommend their fruit tarts!

New Kam Man – 200 Canal St

There is an amazing sushi and noodle bar that is absolutely hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Canal Street in the back of the Kam Man supermarket. Their rice dishes, noodles and sushi platters are all delicious and you can’t beat their prices.

Kam Hing Coffee Shop – 118 Baxter St
Tonii Sponge Cake

Finally, Kam Hing Coffee Shop has the best sponge cakes in New York City and they have a ton of interesting flavors that you can’t get anywhere else like green tea, butterscotch, chocolate chip and coconut. There are signs outside but their storefront is inside a building so it is very easy to miss.