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The Seven Best Congee in New York City

Congee aka jook or rice porridge is the ultimate Chinese comfort food. It can be a quick breakfast, a delicious snack or even lunch on the go! It gives you an energy boost and for us, it is absolutely essential on chillier days. So with that in mind, here is our list for the seven best congee spots in New York City.

Big Wong – 67 Mott St

Big Wong is a no frills old school Chinese restaurant in the heart of Chinatown and if you are looking for a traditional bowl of congee, Big Wong is one of your best bets. Their congee has the perfect thickness and best of all, it is available from early morning to late night. You can also pick up a youtiao (Chinese cruller) here and it pairs great with their congee.

Wo Hop – 5 Mott St

Similarly Wo Hop is one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown and they have always served their delicious congee. We highly recommend their beef congee perhaps with some of their other yummy Cantonese offerings.

Congee Village – 100 Allen St

The name says it all. The kitchen staff are congee specialists so it is easy to see why they have been a favorite with locals and visitors to Chinatown alike. They have a huge selection of congees so there is something for everyone.

XO Kitchen – 148 Hester St

XO Kitchen also offers more unusual toppings with their congee. Some of our favorites in the past have been dried scallops, snow frogs, minced clams and abalone.

Mission Chinese Food – 171 E Broadway

Mission Chinese Food has been redefining what Chinese cuisine can offer with their innovative takes on traditional dishes and congee is no exception. They call it the Westlake rice porridge and it is served with rare beef, trout roe and a soft egg. Yum!

abcV – 38 E 19 St

Look out for the forbidden rice and millet congee with savory condiments on the breakfast menu of Jean Georges Vongerichten’s abcV. It is definitely different from the traditional bowl of congee but it is a great way to start the day.

The Good Sort – 5 Doyers St

Finally the Good Sort is vegan coffee shop and they also offer a unique take on congee. For example, they offer a breakfast congee served with maple granola and a turmeric-and-coconut congee with Champagne-poached cranberries. These and more will certainly pique the interest of any foodie!

XO Kitchen CongeeP.C.: yelp, Chun M.