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Seven Fun Things to Do in New York City for Spring 2017

Spring is our favorite time to explore New York City. The weather can’t be any better and there is always so much to do and so much to see here. If you are planning your to do list, here are seven fun things to do in New York City for spring 2017 to narrow it down just a bit.

Tribeca Film Festival – April 19-30

The Tribeca Film Festival is growing every year and it is expected to draw close to three million people from around the world this year. It is a celebration of all things film and it gives independent film makers a chance to show their work to a wide audience. For filmgoers, there will be screenings of films from all genres.

NYC Hot Sauce Expo – April 22-23

If you love hot sauce then you can’t miss the fifth annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo. It takes place at the Brooklyn Expo Center (79 Franklin St) and tickets start at only $10. There is sure to be a ton of tastings so be prepared for the heat!

International Tabletop Day – April 29

Bryant Park Games Cart

International Tabletop Day is the best opportunity to try out new card games, board games, role playing games and more! Gaming stores all over the country including a bunch in New York City will have events and giveaways throughout the day. Bryant Park with also have International Tabletop Day events so keep an eye out for that.

Japan Day – May 14

Another can’t miss event is the annual Japan Day at the Bandshell area of Central Park. Japan Day starts with a mini 4-mile marathon and it has family friendly activities, performances and tastings of traditional Japanese dishes all day long.

Fleet Week – May 24-30

The first official New York City Fleet Week was back in 1982. It is a seven day tradition with the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard all participating. During these seven days, it will be hard to miss all the awe inspiring ships and all the sailors, marines and coast guardsmen from around the country. There will be a parade of ships, a music festival, aviation demonstrations and more!

Jazz Age Lawn Party – June 10-11

Every year Governor’s Island turns back the hands of time with the Jazz Age Lawn Party. Everyone dresses like they are from the 1920’s prohibition era and there will be live jazz bands and orchestras. Throw in delicious food and cocktails in the mix and it is easy to see why there is really nothing else like this.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade – June 17

Finally the Coney Island Mermaid Parade celebrates the beginning of summer and it is probably best known for all the crazy mermaid costumes. The parade is always just brimming with excitement. Coney Island is a lot of fun and there is no better time to go.