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Weird Dishes That You Can Find in New York City

New York City is home to a number of world class chefs so it is no surprise to see many of them pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. This makes for a truly unique food scene. If you know where to look, you can find some unusual but fun, delicious dishes. So with that in mind, here is our list of weird dishes that you can find in New York City. We recommend them all!

Pizza topped with pizza – Vinnie’s Pizzeria – 148 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn
A pizza pie topped with smaller pizza slices went viral last week. It is nicknamed pizza inception and you can get that slice at Vinnie’s Pizzeria. It is such a crazy and fun idea that we hope it stays on the menu.

Chocolate Chunk Pizza – Max Brenner – 841 Broadway
Speaking of which, Max Brenner also has an unusual pizza, a chocolate chunk pizza. It has both milk and white chocolate and it also has toppings like marshmallows and peanut butter. It is quite the decadent dessert and definitely quite memorable.

Ramen Burger – Ramen Burger – Smorgasburg
The ramen burger is a regular burger with the usual and a few unusual toppings but the real twist here is that they use crispy ramen instead of a bun. It is certainly a conversation starter and you can find a ramen burger at Ramen.Co (100 Maiden Lane) or at Smorgasburg.

Foie gras doughnuts – Do or Dine – 1108 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn
Do or Dine’s foie gras doughnuts are actually one of our favorite doughnuts in New York City. The fried doughnut, the richness of the foie gras and the sweetness of the jelly all balances out to a great yummy treat.

Cheeseburger spring rolls – Delicatessen – 54 Prince St
The cheeseburger spring rolls have been a mainstay at Delicatessen, a popular hotspot in NoLita. They are super addictive and easily one of favorite appetizers.

Masala mac and cheese – S’MAC – 345 E 12th St
The masala mac and cheese is definitely the most unusual item at S’MAC. It packs Indian spices and flavors in an American classic comfort food, an ooey gooey mac and cheese!

Cookie dough egg roll – Benchmark Restaurant – 339 2nd St, Brooklyn
We love eggs rolls (and in fact you can get one of the best egg rolls at Nom Wah Tea Parlor – 13 Doyers St) but who would have thought of a sweet dessert egg roll. We can’t recommend Benchmark’s cookie dough egg roll enough. It is the perfect way to end the meal.

Benchmark Cookie Dough Eggroll with Espresso Gelato