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Cheap Eats: Exciting New Snack Options in New York City for Under $5

Michaeli Bakery Pastries

Looking for a tasty snack that won’t break your budget? We are here to help! Here are our cheap eats picks for exciting new snack options in New York City for under $5! Also check out our other cheap eats blog posts: best pizza, fried chicken, desserts and more!

Levain Bakery – 1484 Third Avenue & Other Locations

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

P.C.: yelp, Julia P.

We are very excited that Levain Bakery just opened a new location on the Upper East Side and that they are also opening a shop in NoHo very soon. They are of course renown for their yummy cookies and their chocolate chip walnut cookie is especially out of this world. This giant cookie (big enough to share) is only $4.50.

Michaeli Bakery – 115A Division St

Michaeli Bakery Burekas

P.C.: yelp, Selina L.

There has been an explosion of great snack places in Chinatown and the Lower East Side recently. One of our favorites is easily Michaeli Bakery. There are so many tempting treats here but if you are looking for a quick snack you have to check out their burekas. We are absolutely addicted to their pizza and feta burekas and they are all about $4.

The Little One – 150 E Broadway

The Little One Dorayaki

P.C.: yelp, Mengjia Y.

Like the name suggests, The Little One is a tiny pastry shop in the outskirts of Chinatown with all sorts of interesting items on their menu. We were immediately drawn to their dorayaki which is a pancake traditionally stuffed with a sweet red bean paste but The Little One has other yummy flavors like pineapple and chocolate coconut. These dorayakis are just $4.75.

Kopitiam – 151 E Broadway

Kopitiam Curry Puff

P.C.: yelp, Richard W.

Across the street from The Little One, there is also Kopitiam and it has been a foodie destination ever since it opened a few months ago. They have a lot of little tasty snacks but one we can’t stop getting is their Malaysian curry puff. It is a flaky pastry with a potato paste that is just packed with flavor. It is only $3.50!

Fong On – 81 Division St

Fong On Dessert Tofu

P.C.: yelp, Albert F.

Fong Inn Too is finally returning to Chinatown as Fong On this month. They were a neighborhood staple at Mott Street for decades and we missed their dessert tofu topped with a sweet syrup aka dau fu fa. We just can’t wait to try it again! Everything here is under $5 so also check out their soy milk, grass jelly and bai tang gao (a white sugar sponge cake).

Spring Cafe – 153D Centre St

Spring Cafe Mushroom Bao

P.C.: yelp, Greg C.

Finally Spring Cafe is our pick for a healthy snack option in New York City. They have a lot of delicious vegan and vegetarian options. Our go to here is the black pepper mushroom bao. It has both king oyster and shiitake mushrooms and it is really bursting with flavor. It is $3 for one or $5.50 for two.