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The 8 Most Delicious Dishes in Little Italy and Nolita, New York City

Piemonte Ravioli (2)

There is so much foodie history in both Little Italy and Nolita and we can honestly snack here all day! So here are the 8 most delicious dishes in Little Italy and Nolita, New York City. Be sure to check out our Chinatown and Little Food Fest or Taste of Mulberry Street tour to find out more about a lot of these amazing places!

Pasta Siciliana

Pasta Siciliana Lunella

Pasta is probably one of the first things you think of when it comes to iconic dishes of Little Italy and Nolita. Everyone has their favorite pasta dish and we love a simple pasta with a top notch red sauce. So we highly recommend Lunella’s (173 Mulberry St) pasta siciliana which has eggplant, red sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese! Yum!


Piemonte Ravioli

Similarly if you are looking to take home some fresh pasta, you have to check out Piemonte Ravioli (190 Grand St). They have a huge selection of pastas so there is something for every pasta lover but at the moment, we can’t get enough of their gnocchi and ravioli (especially their delicious lobster ravioli)!

Margherita Pizza

Margherita NYC Pizza

P.C.: Margherita NYC

Pizza is probably the second thing you think of when it comes to dishes you have to get when visiting Little Italy and Nolita. Our pick for the best pizza here is Margherita NYC’s (197 Grand St) signature margherita pizza. Their pizza has it all, great cheese, sauce and crust!

Vodka Pizza

Pomodoro Vodka Pizza Pie

You can also find the best Vodka pizza in New York City in Nolita. You can get this yummy pizza at Pomodoro (51 Spring St). There is cheesy, ooey gooey goodness in every bite so even though their slices are huge it’s hard to have just one slice!


Alleva Mozzarella and Prosciutto

Cheese plays such an important part of the Italian cuisine and probably one of the most popular and one of the tastiest cheeses is mozzarella! You can find the best mozzarella in New York City in the heart of Little Italy at Alleva Dairy (188 Grand St). Their mozzarella has the perfect creamy texture and an amazing milky taste!


Lombardi prosciutto and arugula pizza

Prosciutto is also an absolute must when you visit Little Italy or Nolita. It pairs perfectly with some mozzarella and even with arugula on a pizza. You can’t beat Di Palo’s (200 Grand St) selection of prosciutto and other Italian treats. Their prosciutto is what we call dangerously delicious because it is so addictive! You can also find a great prosciutto arugula pizza at Gelso & Grand (186 Grand St) and Lombardi’s (32 Spring St).

Chicken Parmigiana

Parm Chicken Parm Pasta

Chicken parmigiana is the ultimate comfort food. A juicy breaded chicken paired with some red sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese is just pure bliss with every bite. Parm (248 Mulberry Street) makes an amazing chicken parmigiana and for dessert you have to get a slice of their ice cream cake!


Ferraras Bakery Cannoli

Also for dessert in the area, you have to get a cannoli! Ferrara’s Bakery (195 Grand St) is our go to spot. A tasty, crunchy shell. Check! The perfect ricotta filling with just the right amount of sweetness. Check! Chunks of yummy dried fruits. Check!