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Cheap Eats: The Best Desserts in New York City for Under $5

Ferrara Bakery Pastries

Craving something sweet? With everything from egg tarts to ice cream, here are the seven best desserts in New York City for under $5! Be sure to check out our other cheap eats lists: the best burgers, sandwiches, pastas and more!

Lung Moon Bakery – 81 Mulberry St

Lung Moon Egg Tarts

P.C.: yelp, Jocelyn K.

When we are looking for a yummy dessert in Chinatown, we often go to Lung Moon Bakery for their scrumptious egg tarts which are about $1 each. Lung Moon’s egg tarts are super flaky and the egg custard is served slightly warm. Yum!

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop – 727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

Peter Pan Bakery Honey Dip Donuts

P.C.: yelp, Steven S.

Peter Pan is an old school donut shop in Brooklyn and it offers one of the best deals in New York City. One of their delicious donuts is only $1.10! With so many yummy flavors to choose from, we can’t see why you wouldn’t want to get a bunch of donuts all at once.

Melt Bakery – 132 Orchard St & Other Locations

Melt LES Cinnamax Ice Cream Sandwich

As the temperature rises, we are craving Melt’s ice cream sandwiches more and more! They are the perfect dessert on the go and they just hit the spot on the hottest days. The Cinnamax ice cream sandwich is our go to here but they are all very good!

Ice & Vice – 221 E Broadway

Ice & Vice Milk Money

Sticking with the ice cream theme, one of our favorite ice cream shops is Ice & Vice. We love their unusual flavors and they have new flavors regularly so we definitely recommend sampling a bunch of different flavors before you make a selection. Our favorite here is milk money. A single scoop of ice cream will cost just shy of $5. In addition to their location on the Lower East Side, you can often find Ice & Vice in outdoor food markets.

Ferrara’s Bakery – 195 Grand St

Ahoy New York Food Tours Ferrara Mini Cannolis

Ferrara’s Bakery in the heart of Little Italy is probably best known for their incredible cannoli and they also just cost a bit under $5. Ferrara’s Bakery sells mini pastries so you can try and sample some of their other delicious pastries at a lower price.

Baked by Melissa – 63 Spring St & Other Locations

Baked By Melissa Mini Cupcakes

Baked by Melissa sells bite size cupcakes for $1 so you can pick up multiple cupcakes for $5. Their cupcakes really do pack a ton of flavor in such a small bite and you can find them throughout New York City.

Deluxe Food Market – 79 Elizabeth St

Red Bean Coconut Cake

Finally, one of our favorite cheap eats spot in New York City is the Deluxe Food Market. You can get a hearty meal here for less than $5. One of our favorite items here is actually a dessert. Their red bean coconut cake is absolutely delicious. It is sweet, light and perfect for the summer. This is extremely hard to find anywhere else and it only costs $2!