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Seven Travel Hacks For Visiting New York City

Little Italy Mulberry Street

Planning a trip to NYC? Before you go here are seven travel hacks that will help you during your New York City visit. These are some of our favorite tips and tricks for avoiding crowds, getting around the city and most importantly getting the most bang for your buck and more!

There Are a Ton of Options for Food

Parm Chicken Parm Pasta

If the restaurant you want has a long wait, don’t worry! There are so many good options for food throughout the city so you just never know what you might find when you travel off the beaten path. For some good restaurant recommendations, check out our blog post on the best restaurants where no reservations are needed. Also if you are on budget, don’t worry! There are a bunch of good cheap eats spots too!

Bring Cash

Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle & Dumpling Seafood Knife Cut Noodles

You definitely want to bring cash to New York City. Some restaurants and shops only accept cash. You don’t want to be caught unaware and have to find an ATM. Conversely an increasing amount of shops only accept credit cards so you probably want to have a credit card handy too.

The Best Way to Get Around NYC Is to Walk

Nom Wah Doyers Street

Whether you are wandering around a museum, walking through Times Square or strolling around Central Park, the best way to see all the sights in New York City is to walk. You will miss so much of what makes New York City special if you are on a bus or car the whole trip. So you definitely want to have a comfortable pair of walking shoes and dress in layers.

Take Advantage of the Citi Bikes

Citi Bikes NYC

P.C.: wikipedia, Jim.henderson

When the destination you want to go to is too far to walk or if you just want to rent a bike, we recommend checking out the Citi Bikes. It only cost $12 for a single day pass and $24 for a 3 day pass and there are Citi Bikes that you can rent throughout New York City.

Also Take Advantage of TKTS Deals for Broadway Plays

TKTS Times Square

P.C.: wikipedia, Jim.henderson

Don’t pay full price for Broadway tickets! You can sometimes get 50% off or more on tickets through the TKTS booths if you buy the day of or the day before (for early shows). Another tip is to avoid the TKTS booth in Times Square since the lines there can get very long. The TKTS booths at South Street Seaport (190 Front St) and Downtown Brooklyn (1 MetroTech Center) usually have much shorter lines.

Don’t Forget About the Free Activities!

Catan Bryant Park

There is a lot you can do for free in New York City. Central Park has a lot to see and has Shakespeare plays and concerts in the summer. Bryant Park has games, golf, ping pong and a movie night that are all free. We love exploring the High Line. You can also get free kayak rides at Pier 26 or you can ride the Staten Island Ferry. For even more ideas, check out our blog post on free things to do in New York City.

Go to the Top of the Rock Instead of the Empire State Building Observatory

Top of the Rock Observatory View

P.C.: yelp, Kristine F.

The Empire State Building observatory is often very crowded and the Top of the Rock (the observatory on top of Rockefeller Center) also offers breath taking views of New York City. Plus there is also a lot to do in Rockefeller Center. There are a bunch of shopping and dining options and during the winter, it is home to the world famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree and ice skating rink.

For even more travel hacks and recommendations on where to eat, check out our blog and for a hassle free way to explore Chinatown, Little Italy and Nolita check out our food tours!