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Chinese desserts

The 7 Best Dessert Shops in Chinatown and Little Italy Open Right Now

The summer is here and we are on the hunt for the best desserts in Chinatown and Little Italy! These neighborhoods have so many delicious options including a bunch of hidden gems. So with everything from Japanese style cheese tarts to Italian gelato, here are the best desserts shops in Chinatown and Little Italy open…

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July 10, 2020

The Seven Best Ice Cream Shops in Chinatown, New York City

Craving some ice cream? You know we are! You may be surprised to find that Chinatown is the place to be for these sweet treats. There are so many interesting ice cream shops scattered throughout the neighborhood. So with everything from durian ice cream to towering egg waffle sundaes, here are the seven best ice…

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June 21, 2019

NYC Foodie Link Roundup: Where to Eat in Chinatown, New York City & More!

In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we are craving Chinese food so we are taking a look at where to eat in Chinatown, New York City and more! Delicious noodles, scrumptious Asian desserts and so more awaits! The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Noodle Styles What is the difference between lo mein and ho fun?…

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October 5, 2018

Cheap Eats: The Best Desserts in New York City for Under $5

Craving something sweet? With everything from egg tarts to ice cream, here are the seven best desserts in New York City for under $5! Be sure to check out our other cheap eats lists: the best burgers, sandwiches, pastas and more! Lung Moon Bakery – 81 Mulberry St P.C.: yelp, Jocelyn K. When we are…

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May 25, 2018

The Seven Best Dessert Spots in Chinatown and Little Italy

There is no shortage of options for dessert in New York City. In particular, there is a number of excellent desserts that you can find in Chinatown and Little Italy such as Asian-inspired ice creams and tasty cannoli. So here are the seven best dessert spots in these two neighborhoods. Make sure you save room…

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April 22, 2016

The Symbolic Meanings of Chinese New Year Foods

The Chinese New Year, aka the Lunar New Year is a time of celebration and welcoming of good fortune and prosperity. It started last Thursday, February 19 (Year of the Sheep). Food is a very important part of celebrating Chinese New Year and here is everything you need to know, including the symbolic meanings of traditional Chinese New Year foods and where to get them in Chinatown. Chinese New Year Banquet: Many Chinese traditions have at their root a homonym, the sound of a character sounding like another Chinese word and thus taking on its meaning. This becomes apparent at the banquet table as it is believed that what you eat will affect the coming year. At a traditional Chinese New Year banquet, there are 8 courses, as the word for eight sounds like “grow”. Most families do not prepare…

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February 20, 2015

Ways to Cool Off in Chinatown and Little Italy

It is getting hot in New York City and if you are anything like us, you are looking for ways to cool off in Chinatown and Little Italy! As there are so many options, it is possible that you may have overlooked some of the best, so here is our list of the best ice cream, bubble teas, gelato and more! Chinatown Ice Cream Factory’s Asian Inspired Ice Cream – 65 Bayard St Sure you can always order the usual vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream just about anywhere in New York City but what sets the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory apart is their more unusual Asian inspired ice cream flavors like red bean, lychee or maybe our favorite black sesame. Mmmm…. Bubbly Tea’s Bubble Tea – 55B Bayard St Bubble tea is a tea based drink often served cold…

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June 20, 2014

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