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Ways to Cool Off in Chinatown and Little Italy

It is getting hot in New York City and if you are anything like us, you are looking for ways to cool off in Chinatown and Little Italy! As there are so many options, it is possible that you may have overlooked some of the best, so here is our list of the best ice cream, bubble teas, gelato and more!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory’s Asian Inspired Ice Cream – 65 Bayard St
Sure you can always order the usual vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream just about anywhere in New York City but what sets the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory apart is their more unusual Asian inspired ice cream flavors like red bean, lychee or maybe our favorite black sesame. Mmmm….

Bubbly Tea’s Bubble Tea – 55B Bayard St
Bubble tea is a tea based drink often served cold mixed with fruit or milk and served with chewy tapioca balls in the shape of pearls. It is extremely popular in Chinatown and one of our go to spots is Bubby Tea on Bayard St. They have an extensive menu of bubble teas so there is bound to be something that you’ll like. They also have watermelon slushies during the summer and they really hit the spot on the hottest days.

Pie Pie Q Café’s Red Bean Ice – 24 Bowery
Along the same lines, one of our favorite Chinese summer treats is a red bean ice. It is a slushie drink flavored with sugar syrup and evaporated milk with of course sweet red beans. It is very delicious and it can be found in many Chinese bakeries like Pie Pie Q Café.

Hong Kong Supermarket’s Mochi Ice Cream – 68 Elizabeth St
Mochi, a Japanese rice cake and ice cream is the perfect combination and it is a nice twist on the classic dessert. The best places to find mochi ice cream are actually Chinese supermarkets, like the Hong Kong Supermarket on Elizabeth St.

La Bella Ferrara’s Italian Ices – 108 Mulberry St
Moving to Little Italy, Italian ices are a sweet, refreshing treat that are usually found in pizzerias but you can also find them for sale in a stand outside of La Bella Ferrara, in the heart of Little Italy. The lemon Italian ice is a classic and our favorite by far.

Ferrara Bakery & Café’s Gelato – 195 Grand St
Finally, gelato is a soft Italian ice cream and it is an absolute must while visiting Little Italy. While Ferrara is known for their cannoli, they also sell gelato outside in the summer months. M’o Gelato (178 Mulberry St) is also another great spot for gelato nearby.

Eggloo Egg Waffle Ice Cream Sundae