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The Best Snacks on the Go in Chinatown

Are you looking for a cheap snack or a good snack on the go in Chinatown, New York City? Look no further! Here are all our go to places in the neighborhood whether you are looking for candy, cakes, or BBQ chicken skewers.

Tasty Dumpling – 42 Mulberry St
It is no secret that Tasty Dumpling is our favorite spot for fried dumplings but they also have a very good scallion pancake which we highly recommend. It is quick, convenient and tasty. What more can you ask for?

Aji Ichiban – 37 Mott St
If you are in the mood for some unusual snacks and candies, you can’t beat Aji Ichiban. In the past, we have gotten everything from gummy chicken feet to candied crabs.

Xi’an Famous Food – 67 Bayard St
We remember when Xi’an Famous Foods was just a hole in the wall and a hidden gem. They have since expanded and have exploded in popularity. One of the main draws is their delicious lamb burger. It is packed with flavor and has us (and many others) coming back for more.

Bubbly Tea – 55B Bayard St
A few storefronts down from Xi’an Famous Food is Bubby Tea, one of our favorite places for a mid-day snack. You have to pick up some their BBQ chicken skewers, which are delicious with your order of bubble teas!

Hong Kong Cakes Stands – Various Locations
Finally, you can find Hong Kong cake stands all over Chinatown. For only $1, you can get 15 of these yummy, light and airy mini cakes.

Xian Famous Foods Pork Burger