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Eating in New York City for Only $40 a Day: 2015 Edition

Are you looking to try some exciting, new restaurants for the New Year? We know we are! Here are some ideas to start. Best of all, you can try any these buzz-worthy restaurants in New York City for only $40 a day!

Bantam Bagels – 283 Bleecker St
Bantam Bagels are like little bagels bites and trust us they are wildly addictive. They are perfect for breakfast (but honestly they are good any time of the day). There are many flavors to choose from but some of our favorites include french toast, cookies & milk and Bleecker St (pepperoni pizza). For $5, you can get four of these tasty bites.

Lafayette – 380 Lafayette St
If you want to a quick breakfast on the go, how about a fresh, tasty croissant from Lafayette Bakery? It is buttery, super flaky and it is a great way to start the morning.

Lan Larb – 227 Centre St & 637 2nd Ave
Lan Larb is an offshoot of the super popular Larb Ubol and they just opened a few block away from the heart of SoHo. Lan Larb’s lunch specials are a great bargain. We love their pad thai and pad se ew and it will only set you back about $10 which leaves a lot in the budget for dinner.

Tartinery – 209 Mulberry St & Other Locations
Tartinery is also close to SoHo and they also have a great lunch special. For only $13.50 you get one of their signature tartines (open face sandwiches) and a soup. We highly recommend their roast beef and their fresh mozzarella tartine.

Rubirosa – 235 Mulberry St
Whether you go for pastas or pizza at Rubirosa, you can’t go wrong with either and dinner should only set you back about $20. Rubirosa’s classic pizzas are heaven in each bite but their pastas such as their rigatoni are just pure bliss. It is a tough choice so maybe go with a friend and get both!

Porsena – 21 E 7th St
Last but certainly not least, Porsena is our go to spot for homey, authentic Italian pastas. Their pastas are all priced around $20, always perfectly al dente and full of flavor. You should especially be on the lookout for their ragus which have been on our list of the best things we have ever tried!

Porsena Pasta