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The Best Cookies in Chinatown and Little Italy, New York City

Ferrara Bakery Pasteries Ahoy New York Food Tours

Chinatown and Little Italy is full of hidden foodie gems including scrumptious cookies! Can’t make it to these neighborhoods in the near future? We have gathered some of the best cookies in Chinatown and Little Italy, New York City in our Ahoy NY Cookie Snack Pack! Here is why we love all these cookies and what makes all of them so special. All of these cookies can be delivered right to your doorstep!

Tri- Color Rainbow Cookies from Ferrara’s Bakery

Ferrara Tri Color Rainbow Cookies

Ferrara’s Bakery (195 Grand St) has been in the same location in Lower Manhattan’s Little Italy since 1892 and it is our go to place for Italian desserts and snacks. One of the snacks we always have to get when we visit here is their tri-color cookies, also known as rainbow cookies. These tri- color rainbow cookies have bright vibrant colors so they definitely draw your attention. Fun Fact: the colors of these cookies loosely match the colors of the Italian flag! Ferrara’s rainbow cookies have soft almond cake layers, apricot jam and topped with chocolate. Yum!

Soft Pignoli Cookies from Ferrara’s Bakery

Soft Pignoli Cookies

Soft pignoli cookies are an addictive Italian treat! Pignoli cookies are almond flavored and studded with pine nuts. It is the perfect mix of chewy and crunchy. If you love pignoli cookies, we also include a recipe in the Ahoy NY Cookie Snack Pack to make these yummy cookies yourself.

Sesame Cookies from Fa Da Bakery

Sesame Cookies Fa Day Bakery

Fa Da Bakery (83 Mott St) is an iconic bakery and a neighborhood favorite for nearly three decades! They make amazing Chinese desserts and snacks in the heart of Chinatown. One of our favorite things here is their sesame cookies. These cookies are buttery and tender and it is topped with tons of sesame seeds. It is hard to have just one of these cookies. Trust us!

Custom Sugar Cookies from Mama’s Custom Cookies

NYC Themed Cookies

Finally the Ahoy New York Cookie Snack Pack has the option to include NYC themed sugar cookies from Mama’s Custom Cookies (3335A Park Ave, Wantagh, NY). Mama’s Custom Cookies has been in the cookie business since 2012 and their cookies are true works of art. They can be best described as cookie paintings and sometimes we are a bit hesitant to eat these cookies because they are so pretty but they are so delicious nonetheless!

Check out our Cookie Snack Pack page for more information and to place your order.