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Seven Foodie Ways to Cool Off in New York City This Summer

Milk & Cream Cookie Crisp Carnival Ice Cream Swirl

It can get pretty hot and humid in New York City during the summer so you may be looking for some creative ways to beat the heat! With everything from creamy ice cream to Japanese shaved ice, here are seven foodie ways to cool off in New York City this summer.

Get some ice cream

Van Leeuwen Artisan Vanilla Ice Cream

First off, the most obvious way to cool off is to get some ice cream! There are so many good ice cream shops across New York City. In fact, we are constantly finding new places to try and our favorite ice cream shop changes every week! Right now we love Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (65 Bayard Street), Sundaes and Cones (95 E 10th St) and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (45 Spring St & Other Locations).

Devour an ice cream sandwich from Melt Bakery

Melt Bakery Ice Cream Sandwich

You can get ice cream in a cup or cone or you can get a yummy ice cream sandwich instead! Without a doubt, the best ice cream sandwiches in New York City come from Melt Bakery (132 Orchard St & Other Locations). They have so many interesting combinations to try and they are definitely perfect for the summer.

Don’t forget about gelato

Amorino Gelato Rose

Gelato is an Italian sweet treat. It is creamier and a bit denser than ice cream but like ice cream there are so many great gelato shops in NYC! We are absolutely addicted to a good stracciatella gelato. Ferrara’s Bakery (195 Grand Street) and Amorino (60 University Pl) are both definitely worth the wait especially on hot days.

Check out the popsicles from Popbar

Popbar Dessert

P.C.: Popbar

We came across a really interesting dessert shop, Popbar (15 West 38th Street).  Popbar sells gelato, sorbet and yogurt popsicles and they all look so good! We tried their strawberry popsicle and it was amazing! Trust us, it definitely hits the spot on the hottest days. We have to go back again to try more of their flavors!

Make your way to the Lemon Ice King of Corona

Lemon Ice King of Corona

P.C.: yelp, Mike C.

Italian ices are a staple of summer in New York City and no place does it better than the Lemon Ice King of Corona (52-02 108th St, Corona). It is sweet, tart and best of all nice and cold! Try their peanut butter ice too!

Enjoy kakigori

Bonsai Kakigori

P.C.: Bonsai Kakigori

One amazing dessert we have to recommend this summer is kakigori, Japanese shaved ice served with syrup and a sweetener (usually condensed milk). It is the specialty of Bonsai Kakigori at the Canal Street Market (265 Canal St). Their kakigoris are works of art!

Cool down with some iced coffee

Everyman Espresso Iced Coffee

P.C.: yelp, Todd P.

Finally, sometimes you just need a good iced coffee and you are good to go! It really feels like there is a good coffee shop on every other block in New York City. We recommend Restoration Hardware Barista Bar on the third floor of Restoration Hardware (9 9th Ave) in Chelsea, Brooklyn Roasting Company (50 W 23rd St & Other Locations) and Everyman Espresso (136 E 13th St & Other Locations). All these coffee shops have lots of space and seating so they are great to take a break from the heat.