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NYC Link Roundup: Narrowing Down What to Do in NYC, the Best Desserts!

New York City is buzzing with excitement now that summer is here. So if you are a foodie or if you are planning a visit to the city any time soon, this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup is perfect! Here are a bunch of recommendations for lunch and dessert and a bunch of tips on how to narrow down what fun things to do on your visit to the Big Apple.

A Tour of Columbia University’s Asian Food Carts
We have to take a trip to Morningside Heights one day and try these food carts. They look amazing!

In Search of the Best Black and White Cookie
Who would have thought there was so much history and so much variations to this seemingly simple New York classic? We can’t wait to do our research on the black and white cookie.

Dessert Shopping in New York City
Looking at all these great photos of desserts that you can find around New York City is making us hungry! There are so many desserts we have to try.

New York City Break Guide: The Best of New York in 72 Hours
Here is great resource if you are planning a short trip to New York City. With a little planning, you can do a lot in NYC in just one or two days!

11 Questions to Ask When Selecting a NYC Walking Tour
This is another invaluable resource for visitors and locals alike to help them narrow down that perfect New York City walking tour.

Ahoy New York Food Tour – Why It’s Not Just a Food Tour
Speaking of which this is excellent look at our walking food tour of Chinatown and Little Italy and some of the delicious dishes you get to try! For more information, check out our tours page.