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The 7 Best Shanghai Restaurants in Chinatown, New York City

Shanghai Cafe Deluxe Shanghai Soup Dumplings

If you are craving xiao long bao (as known as Shanghai soup dumplings or buns) or Shanghai lo mein, you are in luck! There are more options for Shanghainese cuisine than ever before! Here are our picks for the 7 best Shanghai restaurants in Chinatown, New York City. Best of all, you can easily get a huge meal at all these places for less than $15!

Joe’s Shanghai – 46 Bowery

Joe’s Shanghai Soup Dumplings

P.C.: yelp, Thanasri T.

Joe’s Shanghai is the most popular Shanghai restaurant in New York City and they just moved to a new, even bigger location on Bowery. They are famous for their Shanghai soup dumplings but everything here is top notch. You just have to be prepared for long waits especially during weekends.

456 New Shanghai – 69 Mott St A

456 New Shanghai Pan Fried Buns

>P.C.: 456 New Shanghai

456 New Shanghai is one of the oldest Shanghai restaurants in New York City and they offer yummy authentic Shanghainese food. Their soup dumplings are a bit bigger than others but they are just as juicy. We also recommend their pan fried pork buns and for vegetarians, we recommend their steamed vegetable dumplings.

Shanghai 21 – 21 Mott St

Shanghai 21 Shanghai Soup Dumplings

P.C.: yelp, Albert H.

We absolutely love Shanghai soup dumplings and our pick for the best soup dumpling in New York City is Shanghai 21. Their pork and crab soup dumplings has a thin and delicate skin but it is still a bit chewy and the broth is always packed with flavor.

Shanghai Asian Cuisine – 14A Elizabeth St

Shanghai Asian Cuisine Shanghai Soup Dumplings 2

Shanghai Asian Cuisine is one of our favorite takeout spots in Chinatown. In addition to their dumplings and noodles, we love their stir fried rice cakes, mock duck and wine chicken.

95 HomeDish – 95 Chrystie St

95 HomeDish Crabmeat Soup Dumplings

95 HomeDish is the newest addition to this list. They feature all sorts of different Chinese cuisines including Shanghainese cuisine. We love that you can watch them make their Shanghai soup dumplings in their window. We go to this restaurant a lot and we haven’t been disappointed!

Shanghai Dumpling – 100 Mott St

Shanghai Cafe Deluxe Vegetable Dumplings

We were sad when one of our favorite restaurants for Shanghainese cuisine closed, Shanghai Cafe Deluxe. But it recently reopened as Shanghai Dumpling. We are glad to report that it is pretty much the same restaurant and the food is just as good! We often get their soup dumplings, vegetable dumplings and Shanghai lo mein for lunch.

Deluxe Green Bo – 66 Bayard St

Deluxe Green Bo Shanghai Lo Mein

P.C.: yelp, Jane M.

Finally Deluxe Green Bo has been a mainstay in Chinatown for nearly three decades. It is known for their noodles, dumplings and cheap prices. There can be a wait to get in but like all the restaurants on this list it is worth the wait!