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Virtual Experiences Tuscan Lunch Hour: A Zoom Cooking Class & More!

Virtual Experiences Tuscan Lunch Hour A Zoom Cooking Class

Looking to escape to Tuscany and the Italian countryside? Unfortunately you can’t do that just yet but you can do the next best thing and celebrate Italian culture and food with our new Virtual Experiences Tuscan Lunch Hour!

On our Virtual Experiences Tuscan Lunch Hour we will teach you how to make Pappardelle ai Funghi e Panna (Pappardelle with a Porcini mushroom cream sauce). It is a hearty pasta dish, perfect for the winter. Each participant will be sent all the ingredients beforehand and we will go through each step of the recipe with you on Zoom—we make sure that all skill levels feel comfortable participating in this class.

a plate of food on a table

But this is much more than a Zoom cooking class! We will share with you the fascinating history, stories and fun facts about Tuscany, Italy and its food. We will answer any questions that you may have and play some fun ice breakers and games (winners will win tickets to our NYC food tour). Finally you can’t have a meal without some yummy dessert. In your package, you will also receive a surprise dessert! What is this mysterious dessert? That will ruin the surprise but trust us it is amazing.

Whether you are looking to spend some quality time with friends, family or co- workers, our Virtual Experiences Tuscan Lunch Hour is a great gift and great way to mix things up on your Zoom meetings. Check our page for more information and check out our Virtual Experiences and Meal Kits pages for even more fun options.