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Why sign up for a virtual team building experience?

Making Cacio e Pepe

As many of us have had to shift or create a “new normal” during covid – we at Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting have done the same. We are offering virtual experiences such as cooking classes and happy hour events.  We work with companies large and small who are looking to “escape” the office and have fun.

The great thing is—we have a lot going for us, our team is full of knowledgeable foodies,  we know where to find delicious ingredients to ship to each doorstep, we are super organized and we have created some awesome games to play!  Our experiences include the recipe ingredients or ready to eat food, shipping to each doorstep and fun games with prizes.

Recently, Alana the founder of Ahoy had a few conversations with some of the attendees from our various events, here is some of the feedback that she received:

corporate virtual event


I learned many new things about Italian food, cooking, and culture. I am so excited to have won a tour with Ahoy! –JM, PA

We truly enjoyed the event and appreciate your flexibility. The feedback has been very positive. – JJ, Ernst & Young, VA

Thank you for being such great hosts for such a fun and delicious event! I love the photos and all the huge smiles in all of them! Our students and professionals had a blast 😊 – GH, Ernst & Young VA

Hopefully I will be able to take part in an in-person experience in the future with my whole family. They loved the pasta! –JK, PA

 I liked the class because it was 1) a good recipe; 2) fun to be cooking together; and 3) well taught.– GM, Friends of the Library, NY

Liz and Alana, were knowledgeable, “perky”, easy to follow, and simply made the cooking experience delightful. I also liked the freshness and quality of the food you sent. (the delicious Pecorino cheese, the black fresh pepper, the pasta itself )  The ingredients were very tasty. THANK YOU BOTH for a fun afternoon! –VF, VA

We hope that all of the feedback will encourage you and your team to sign up! Liz and Alana truly love hosting folks from around the country and “feeding” new faces. Let’s stay safe and have fun.