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Four New Things to Do in New York City & Four Things That Are Back

Lego NYC Store Tree

Planning your to do list to take advantage of the summer months? New York City is buzzing with excitement and so are we! Whether you are visiting from out of town or looking to plan a fun staycation, here are four new things to do in New York City and four things that are back.

Visit the New Lego Flagship Store

Lego NYC Store Firefighters

Lego just opened a huge flagship store on Fifth Avenue. This store is like a mini theme park and museum rolled into one. There are so many fun characters and scenes made with Lego throughout the store and there are activities for the whole family like the Brick Lab where your Lego creations come to life, the minifigure factory where you make your custom Lego piece and the Mosaic Maker where you can turn a photo into a Lego work of art.

Check Out the Harry Potter Store

a store shelf filled with booksP.C.:

You can step into the wizarding world of Harry Potter without ever having to leave New York City! You can find two floors of magical items ranging from personalized robes to iconic wands (don’t forget the wand chooses the wizard). Plus, it is one of the few places in the world to get a refreshing Butterbeer.

Get Tickets for the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Vincent Van Gogh Exhibit New York CityP.C.: Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit New York City

Everyone has seen a picture of Starry, Starry Night but we haven’t seen anything quite like the Van Gogh experience on Pier 36. It is a huge art exhibit where you can experience Van Gogh’s legendary artwork like never before. His works are projected and animated on the floors and walls so it is like stepping into his paintings.

Spend a Day in Little Island

Little Island New York CityP.C.:

Little Island is a beautiful park and public space that opened near Chelsea Market and the High Line. It features breathtaking views, plenty of areas to relax, family friendly activities and special events like live music.

Go on an Ahoy New York Food Tour

a group of people sitting at a table

We are so happy to be offering food tours of Chinatown and Little Italy again. We have two exciting tours, the Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest and Taste Mulberry Street – A Culinary Journey. There will plenty of yummy tastings on both tours so you can sample the best these two neighborhoods have to offer. Check out our tours page for more information and for even more exciting foodie experiences.

Watch a Broadway Play

Broadway New York CityP.C.: wikipedia, Alex Proimos

Broadway and the theaters that line the area are iconic to New York City so we are very excited that they are finally coming back. Bruce Springsteen on Broadway is already back and more and more shows will be reopening every week.

Take Advantage of Bryant Park’s Activities and Events

Carcassonne Bryant Park Board Game Socials

If you are looking for fun free things to do in New York City, many of the popular amenities, activities and events are back in Bryant Park. There is something happening every day. For example, you can borrow a board game, watch a Shakespeare play, take a yoga class and more!

Cheer on Your Favorite Sports Team

Citi Field

Whether you are a Mets fan, a Yankee fan or just a baseball fan, we can all agree sports coming back is a good thing! There is nothing like going to the ballpark or arena to cheer on your favorite team. Baseball season is full swing and you watch a nail biting game in both Citi Field and Yankees Stadium now. Basketball will also return to Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden in the fall.