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NYC Foodie Link Roundup: Chinatown’s Comeback and More!

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Happy September! In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we look at Chinatown’s comeback and more. You definitely want to check out Chinatown and Little Italy before the summer ends if you haven’t already!

Chinatown Is Springing Back to Life
Chinatown Is Coming Back, One Noodle at a Time
Chinatown has been experimenting with outdoor dining this summer and we are so happy to see the energy come back to this neighborhood. With so many delicious options, Chinatown is still a must for any foodie!

15 Sheltered Spots for Dining Outdoors in NYC When It Rains
Rain or shine, you can still dine outdoors in New York City! Here are some good spots to take note of when there is light rain in the forecast.

The History of Xiaolongbao, or Soup Dumplings
This is a fascinating look at the history of xiaolongbao aka Shanghai soup dumplings. It is one of our favorite snacks and there are many great places that have it in Chinatown!

Guide to Manhattan Chinatown, By Those Who Love It Best
There are a lot of great recommendations on where to eat in Chinatown, New York City here. Many of these restaurants are our go-to’s, too. For even more yummy recommendations, be sure to follow our blog!

Ahoy New York Private Tours of Chinatown and Little Italy Are Back!
September is also a big month for Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting because we are offering tours of Chinatown and Little Italy again! We are very excited to be able to show you the best Chinatown and Little Italy has to offer.

Here are some of the awesome pictures we came across on Instagram, Pinterest and more this month. As always, don’t forget to tag any photos of our food tours, virtual experiences or meal kits with the hashtag #TakeABiteOutoftheBigApple or #AhoyNewYork.

Dining Outdoors at NightDining Outdoors in Chinatown at Night
Instagram, explorechinatown

Welcome to Little Italy SignThere are plenty of yummy options in Little Italy too
Instagram, brooklynien

Virtual Experiences Italian Lunch HourOur Virtual Experiences: Italian Lunch Hour is a Zoom cooking class and so much more!