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Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Little Italy

For a New York City neighborhood that is only a few blocks long, Little Italy draws visitors from all around the world, not only during the summer but all year round. The history, the food and the shops are all appealing. In fact, several of the shops and restaurants in the neighborhood have been in business for over 100 years! Planning a visit? Here is our guide to everything you need to know about visiting Little Italy. Try taking our Little Italy Food Tour NYC and get a taste of both Little Italy and Chinatown too!

What to eat in Little Italy?

Black Seed – 170 Elizabeth St
Black Seed offers a fresh take on a New York classic, the bagel. Their hand rolled bagels, baked in a wood fire oven are the perfect way to start the morning. We like their bagels with just a bit of butter but there a number of options to customize your breakfast.

Margherita NYC – 197 Grand St
Margherita NYC has become the go to place for pizza in the heart of Little Italy. Other good pizza places nearby include Lombardi’s Pizza (32 Spring St), L’asso (192 Mott St) and Gelso & Grand (186 Grand St).

Genuine Superette – 191 Grand St
Genuine Superette’s buttermilk battered chicken sandwiches are simply amazing and they are a great lunch on the go. The chicken is always super juicy and the sandwich & slaw are always full of flavor.

Pellegrino’s Ristorante – 138 Mulberry St
If you are looking for a more sit down and dine in restaurant, we recommend Pellegrino’s Ristorante. It is an authentic Italian restaurant that serves good, hearty pastas and much more. This is where many of the locals prefer to dine while in Little Italy.

Ferrara Bakery & Café – 195 Grand St
Last but certainly not least, you really can’t beat Ferrara’s for desserts. Their cannoli is simply top notch and they are an absolute must when you visit Little Italy.

Here are more of our favorite restaurants in Little Italy.

Where to shop in Little Italy?

Alleva Dairy – 188 Grand St
Alleva Dairy is the oldest Italian cheese shop in America. Their mozzarella (with a bit of prosciutto) is simply divine and it is probably worth the trip alone.

Di Palo’s Fine Foods – 200 Grand St
Shopping for dinner or maybe just a snack? Di Palo’s is the go to one stop shop for all things Italian. Quality cheeses, cured meats, pasta, sauces and more. They have all 20 regions of Italy covered at their Italian specialty food shop. Also check out Piemonte Ravioli (190 Grand St) down the block.

Rossi E & Co – 193 Grand St
This is Little Italy’s oldest gift shop. There are a lot of gift shops in Little Italy but none that are as unique and eccentric as Rossi E & Co. Every visit is a fun treasure hunt.

Here are more shops near Little Italy that we recommend.

What to see and what to do in Little Italy?

Stroll down Mulberry St and Grand St
Mulberry Street and Grand Street make up the heart of Little Italy. In the summer months, it is especially buzzing with excitement and keep an eye out for the Feast of San Gennaro around September. Grab a cannoli, toronne, Italian ice or gelato and enjoy the sights.

Check out the The Italian American Museum
The Italian American Museum (155 Mulberry St) is small however it tells the fascinating story of Little Italy and the Italian immigrants. The location itself is full of stories and history. It is located at the former Stabile bank, dating back to 1865.

Join Ahoy New York for tastings in Little Italy
Want to taste Alleva Dairy’s mozzarella, Grand Appetito’s scrumptious pizza and more? You will be sure try them on our walking food tour of Little Italy and Chinatown! It is the best way to see Little Italy, taste all the food and learn about its storied history. It is also a great gift idea and fun for the whole family.

Feast of San Gennaro Setting Up

Also check out the other museums nearby and other fun things to do in Little Italy.