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Eating in Chinatown and Little Italy for $40 a Day

Whether you are visiting Chinatown and Little Italy for a just day or whether you are a local checking out new neighborhoods, there are a lot of great options for food here. Even with a budget, you can try some of the most popular restaurants and some of the most popular dishes both neighborhoods have to offer. Here is our guide for eating in Chinatown and Little Italy for just $40 a day.

Lung Moon Bakery – 83 Mulberry St
Lung Moon Bakery has a number of tasty traditional Chinese buns, baked fresh every morning. We love their pork buns and pineapples buns (which actually do not have any pineapple in it but rather it looks like a pineapple). They all make a great breakfast on the go. Best of all, their buns all cost about a $1. They also have some of the best egg tarts in Chinatown for a snack later in the day.

Lung Moon Egg Tart

Black Seed Bagels – 170 Elizabeth St
Looking for breakfast around Little Italy? Your best bet is Black Seed Bagels in Nolita (North of Little Italy). They have one of the best bagels in a city known for their bagels. Bagels here start about $1.50 each.

Pongsri – 106 Bayard St
There is actually a diverse, vibrant food scene in Chinatown and there are more than just Chinese restaurants here. In fact one of our favorite restaurants in Chinatown actually serves Thai food, Pongsri. Both their pad thai and pad see ew gets a thumbs up from us and both are about $8. Another good option is Cutting Board (53 Bayard St) which has Asian twists on American classics (e.g. chicken teriyaki burger).

Parm – 248 Mulberry St
As for Little Italy, our pick for lunch is also in Nolita. Simply put, Parm’s chicken parmigiana is just heaven in every bite and it is yummy, hearty lunch that is sure to power you through the day. Chicken parm on a roll will set you back about $10.

Parm Chicken Parm Sandwich

Peking Duck House – 28 Mott St
You can finish the day with a bang and dine in the famous Peking Duck House. Of course, you have to order their signature Peking duck dish. The duck is carved tableside and it is incredibly delicious. The duck’s skin is perfectly crispy and all of this served on top of a wrap. Peking ducks will set you back $52 but it can be shared and noodles dishes are about $12 so dinner will be about $25 per person.

Lombardi’s Pizza – 32 Spring St
Similarly Lombardi’s is probably the most iconic restaurant around Little Italy. Definitely go for the classic margherita pizza (a small pie which serves about 2 is $18.50). Margherita NYC (197 Grand St) in the heart of Little Italy is another great option for pizza. Finally if you have a few bucks left over, definitely pick up a cannoli at Ferrara’s Bakery (195 Grand St).

Lombardi's Margherita Pizza