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New York City Business Spotlight: Ferrara Bakery & Café

Ferrara Bakery & Café (195 Grand St) is America’s first espresso bar and they have been serving scrumptious Italian pastries and desserts since 1892. Hungry visitors from all around the world visit Ferrara’s every year. In fact, they are probably one of the most renowned and popular food spots in Little Italy. It will only take you one visit to see why this is a great dessert spot.

Ferrara’s has all sorts of treats in their showcase but their star attraction has to be their cannoli. Their cannoli shell is crunchy and the cannoli cream is thick, rich and has just enough sweetness. Also for all the chocolate lovers out there, Ferrara also offers chocolate covered cannolis. Yum! Ferrara’s signature cannolis just can’t be beat and you can sample them on our tour of Little Italy and Chinatown!

As we all know, Christmas is right around the corner and Ferrara Bakery is also known for their holiday treats. One of their special holiday items are their holiday cookie trays. They are always a hit and they are quite addictive.

For something more traditional and yet a little different, Ferrara’s also has struffoli. Struffoli, a Neapolitan Christmas treat is a heaping ring of bite size puff pastries that are baked in an oven so that each piece is crispy on the outside and light and fluffy in the inside (can also be fried). The ring is then dressed with honey and topped with candied fruit. Simply put, Struffoli is insanely delicious and it is something that we look forward to every December!

For those of our readers not visiting the NYC area this holiday season and or Little Italy, good news, a lot of Ferrara Bakery & Cafe’s items can be ordered online.

Ferrara's Bakery Cannoli