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Ahoy New York’s Pictures from Chinatown Restaurant Week, New York City

We here at Ahoy New York took advantage of some of the Chinatown Restaurant Week specials over the past week. We were able to try several restaurants and shops and here are our pictures and thoughts of all the foodie goodness! There is only a few days left so act now or you will have to wait another year.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor – 13 Doyers St
Nom Wah Egg Roll

Nom Wah Tea Parlor has the original egg roll, made with real egg and stuffed with chicken and mixed vegetables. It is probably unlike any other egg roll that you had before. We really feel that it is a must try for anyone in the area. If you mention Chinatown Restaurant Week with any meal at Nom Wah, you can get a free drink!

Diamond Hill Cafe – 145 Canal St
Diamond Hill Cafe Duck Tacos

Diamond Hill’s duck tacos are just layered with flavor. You start with the salsa giving it some tartness, then the cheese and lettuce, followed by a dollop of sour cream. We just love the duck. With some of their sauce, the duck is super tasty and the saltiness finishes off the perfect combination.

Diamond Hill Cafe Japanese Sweet Potatoe Fries
To go with the tacos, you have to get their Japanese sweet potato fries. It is probably some of the best in the city when it comes to sweet potato fries and maybe even fries in general. We can’t stop snacking on them.

Lobster Boat Restaurant – 11 Mott St
Lobster Boat Egg Drop Soup

The egg drop soup really hits the spot on a chilly day. It is great with a bit of white pepper.

Lobster Boat Fried Dumplings
The fried dumplings were juicy and we just love the accompanying sauce.

Lobster Boat Roast Chicken
Their sirloin chicken is absolutely delicious. Yes “sirloin” chicken doesn’t really make sense but it is incredibly tender and juicy. Between our table of seven we actually ordered four chickens because it is that good.

Lobster Boat Steamed Lobster
As expected, the steamed lobster was cooked perfectly. It was incredibly meaty and succulent. The waiter also taught us how to get the tail meat out of the lobster easily. You first break off the tail from the rest of the lobster and then you break off end of the tail. You then push the meat out with a fork so it will come out the other end. This is always good to know!

Lobster Boat Ice Cream
The meal ends with shrimp fried rice and a scoop of ice cream. For ice cream, you can choose between vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea and red bean.

Haagen Dazs – 53 Mott St
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Cake

Haagen Dazs is running a special for a $20 heart shaped ice cream cake. They have the classic vanilla and chocolate ice cream combination (you can choose other flavors if you order ahead). It is all topped with a layer of creamy milk chocolate. Yum!