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Ahoy New York’s Picks for Chinatown Restaurant Week, New York City

Chinatown Restaurant Week is back and better than ever with 22 restaurants and businesses participating this year. There are a surprisingly wide range of cuisines represented. Chinatown Restaurant Week 2013 will be running until the last day of March so you have plenty of time to try one (or even all) of our picks!

You also can join our New York City food tour to learn more about how some of these dishes are prepared!

Diamond Hill Cafe – 145 Canal St
For $20.13 you can have a little taco party. Their Restaurant Week special is 9 tacos, an order of their Japanese sweet potatoes fries or chips with guacamole and 3 sodas. You can pick teriyaki chicken, beef, pork, tofu or our favorite, duck to top the tacos.

Lobster Boat – 11 Mott St
The Lobster Boat Chinatown Restaurant Week menu is a great value. For only $20.13, you get a choice of soup, an egg roll or dumplings and can share two of the following options: whole steamed lobster (a must), sirloin chicken (absolutely delicious), grilled pork chops or fried fish nuggets.

Peking Duck House – 28 Mott St
Close to the Lobster Boat is the Peking Duck House. Their Restaurant Week menu is only available for lunch but it includes one of their signature Peking duck rolls and house special duck soup.

HK Wonton Garden – 79 Mulberry St
Another restaurant serving Peking duck in their Chinatown Restaurant Week menu is HK Wonton Garden. They are also known for their noodles and of course their wontons.

Shanghai Cuisine – 89 Bayard St
At Shanghai Cuisine, you can try their dumpling dim sum platter which includes a pork soup dumpling (that is literally bursting with flavor), a steamed duck dumpling and a steamed dumpling with sticky rice and ground pork. We can’t wait to try all of these dumplings.

Vegetarian Dim Sum House – 24 Pell St
Vegetarian Dim Sum House is one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in New York City and now is as good of a time as any to sample their menu. We are eying the spinach dumplings, the bean curd with sweet corn soup, the mock chicken with Chinese broccoli and their crispy banana rolls all found on their Chinatown Restaurant Week menu.

Chinatown Restaurant Week is also hosting a contest for those who tweet pictures of their meals. You can’t beat that and you can win some awesome prizes!