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Top Ten NYC Chinatown Restaurants not to miss…

Happy Year of the Dragon! Many of you have been on a recent food, culture, and walking tour with us and know that we like to share where to find some of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC’s Chinatown. In honor of the Chinese New Year, we have come up with a list of the top ten NYC Chinatown restaurants that you surely do not want to miss. Also, make sure to enjoy some traditional Chinese New Year’s Foods, such as dumplings, oranges, and shrimp chips– all will bring you good luck and prosperity!

1. Nom Wah Tea Parlor 13 Doyers Street  The oldest Dim Sum parlor in Chinatown, make sure to try their traditional egg roll.

2. Golden Unicorn 18 E Broadway  One of the go-to Dim Sum locations in Chinatown, a favorite of many locals.

3. Ping’s Restaurant 22 Mott Street  A neighborhood staple along Mott Street, try their clams in black bean sauce.

4. Wo Hop Restaurant 17 Mott Street  This traditional Cantonese restaurant has been a favorite to locals for years serving up some delicious soups. An added bonus they are open until 4 a.m.

5. Big Wong King 67 Mott Street  A long standing tradition for many to enjoy the roast duck and barbecue pork.

6. Jing Fong Restaurant 20 Elizabeth Street  This dim sum parlor is the largest in Chinatown, holding almost 1,000 people.

7. Nyonya 199 Grand Street  While this is not Chinese cuisine, rather Malaysian, it has some of the best Asian food you’ll find.

8. Nice Green Bo Restaurant 66 Bayard Street  Scallion pancakes and soup dumplings are a must order at this Chinatown treasure.

9. Xi’an Famous Foods 88 E Broadway or 67 Bayard Street  The lamb burger or fresh hand pulled noodles are top rated at these various locations along Chinatown.

10.Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles 1 Doyers Street  Watch the noodles being prepared on-site. An Ahoy New York favorite is the soup, with hand-pulled noodles and dumplings… see our picture below.

Nom Wah Dim Sum