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The Most Exotic Foods That You Can Find in New York City

New York City is truly blessed in that you can find foods from around the world including some unusual items. With that in mind, here are the most exotic foods that you can find in New York City. Be advised these exotic foods aren’t necessarily the popular foodie trends that you are used to having us suggest!

Haggis is a Scottish savory pudding made with heart, liver and lungs. It is seasoned with spices and encased in the animal’s stomach. It is traditionally consumed during the Burns Supper which celebrates the life of poet Robert Burns and it is held on or around January 25. If you are looking to try some haggis, be on the lookout for it in Scottish pubs like St. Andrews (140 W 46th St).

Blood Sausage
Along the same lines as haggis, there is also blood sausage aka black pudding which is made with blood and some of sort of filler. There are many different takes of blood sausage from cultures around the world but the most well-known blood sausage is probably a breakfast dish from the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are made with pork blood and oatmeal and it can be eaten cold, grilled, fried or boiled. You can find blood sausages in a few meat shops scattered around the city and some restaurants like DBGB (299 Bowery).

Balut is definitely not for everyone. It is a boiled developing duck embryo and it is a popular street food in the Philippines. For many just looking at it is a turn off but if you are an adventurous eater, you can find balut in Maharlika (111 1st Ave).

Beef Offal
Beef offal is often discarded but dining on grilled tongues, cheeks, stomachs and intestines is a lot more common in Japan. You don’t have to go too far to get a sample. Takashi (456 Hudson St) is a great place to start.

Chicken Feet
Chicken feet are also often discarded but it can be delicious if prepared right. They have a different texture from the rest of the chicken because they are mostly skin and tendon. Chicken feet are in fact a dim sum delicacy and you can find them in most dim sum restaurants in Chinatown like Golden Unicorn (18 E Broadway). They are often in push carts that go around during the peak hours but sometimes you do have ask for them.

Durian is infamous in the foodie world for its “unique” smell, flavor and texture. The flesh is similar to custard and it really has a deep, complex flavor that is hard to describe. But for those can get past the smell, it has been described by some as the king of fruits. It is definitely an acquired taste. You can find durian for sale in many Chinese supermarkets like Hong Kong Supermarket (157 Hester St).