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Six Underrated Restaurants in New York City

There are so many restaurants in New York City that some great restaurants are bound to be overlooked. Here are six underrated restaurants in New York City. We have had some of the most delicious dishes that we have ever eaten from restaurants on the list to follow.

Prime & Beyond – 90 E 10th St
New York City is home to a number of top steakhouses like Peter Luger, Morton’s and The Palm. One often overlooked and underrated steakhouse is Prime & Beyond in the East Village. It is sort of a fusion of Korean cuisine with the traditional American steakhouse. Simply, we have had some of the juiciest, tender, flavorful steaks at Prime & Beyond. You can choose from wet aged and dry aged steak and there are several cuts available like T-bone, NY Strip, filet mignon, rib eye and porterhouse.

Vin et Fleurs – 69 Thompson St
Vin et Fleurs melds American and French flavors into amazing dishes like their sliders and their ribs. They also have fresh bread made on site and they have a good selection of wine.

CC Cafe – 41 Monroe St
CC Cafe is kind of hard to find but when you do, you just found one of our favorite brunch and lunch spots, right outside of Chinatown. They make a yummy, juicy sirloin burger and they also make a great creamy chicken penne pasta.

La Nacional – 239 West 14th St
La Nacional is an authentic Spanish restaurant that makes the best paella in the city, hands down. One of our favorite dishes is the arroz negra, squid ink paella. It is packed with all sorts of goodies like mussels, shrimp and fish. It is cooked and served in a real paella pan so that the rice closest to the pan has that perfect crunch.

Apiary – 60 3rd Ave
We stumbled upon Apiary during Restaurant Week last year due to the very long the wait time at Butter. We are so glad that it worked out this way. Apiary is now easily one of our favorite dining spots. Over the past few years we have tried quite a bit of duck confit and the best we have tasted is from Apiary. It was so full of flavor, tender and succulent. Their panna cotta is awesome too.

Shanghai Asian Cuisine – 14 Elizabeth St
If you never had a xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumplings) you are really missing out. Joe’s Shanghai is the popular hotspot in Chinatown for them but Shanghai Asian Cuisine’s soup dumplings are just as good if not better and there is no wait.