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Top Ten Steakhouses in New York City

Steakhouses are iconic staples of New York City cuisine. Few things in the world are more satisfying than a juicy, mammoth sized steak. On that note, here are our Top Ten Steakhouses in New York City.

Peter Luger Steak House – 178 Broadway, Brooklyn
Any list of the top ten steakhouses in New York City has to start with the legendary Peter Luger Steakhouse. Their quality and attention to detail are unparalleled. In addition to their signature steaks, you must order their sizzling bacon. You won’t regret it!

Old Homestead Steak House – 56 9th Avenue
Old Homestead Steakhouse has a storied history of quality steaks and in fact, it represents one of the few remaining old-school meatpacking district steakhouses. You can stick with a sure bet like one of their Filet Mignons or perhaps you can splurge on something like a Kobe steak…

Minetta Tavern – 113 Macdougal Street
Minetta Tavern is one of two steakhouses in New York with a Michelin star (Peter Luger Steak House is the other of course) and it is a place where you can expect excellence. In addition to their steaks, their bone marrow and black label burgers are insanely good.

Sparks Steak House – 210 E 46th Street
You can’t beat a place like Sparks Steak House. They feature huge cuts of steak like their prime sirloin that are melt in your mouth tender, bursting with flavor in every bite!

Smith & Wollensky – 797 3rd Avenue
With an inviting atmosphere, Smith & Wollensky’s is a magical experience; their mouthwatering classic prime, dry-aged steaks are amazing.

Quality Meats – 57 W 58th Street
One goes to Quality Meats for a feast! Maybe you start with a half dozen of oysters and shrimp or lobster cocktail for an appetizer, then it is time for the main attraction perhaps a Filet Mignon cooked perfectly medium rare.

Keens Steak House – 72 W 36th Street
Keens Steakhouse is a blast from the past; it has been in business since 1885. With that kind of consistency and staying power, you know that they must be doing something right. You can taste it with every steak that they serve.

Palm Restaurant – 206 West Street & other locations
What can you say about the Palm Restaurants. They serve steak so tender that you can cut it with a fork! You can complete the meal with amazing sides such as their creamed spinach and then round it out with an unforgettable Key Lime pie.

Strip House Steak House – 13 E 12th Street
Only a few blocks away from Union Square, Strip House is among the elite and their lobster bisque is a great way to start a meal featuring your favorite cut of steak, seared to perfection.

Ben & Jack’s Steak House – 219 East 44th Street and 255 5th Avenue
With so many great steakhouses in New York City, Ben & Jack’s Steak House is often overlooked but with one bite of their amazing porterhouse steak you will be happy to not have overlooked this establishment.

Porterhouse Steak