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Best Thing I’ve Eaten: Ni Japanese Delicacies’ Smoked Mackerel Rolls

Ni Japanese Delicacies is the definition of a hidden gem in New York City. It is a tiny food stall tucked away in a corner of the Essex Street Market. But from there, they churn out an assortment of interesting Japanese snacks and super healthy, super delicious vegan bento boxes. You can’t go wrong with anything on their rotating menu, but the one thing that really stands out is their Smoked Mackerel Rolls.

The Lower East Side has a rich history of food and Ni Japanese Delicacies takes full advantage of that, using mostly local ingredients. Great dishes start with great ingredients. In fact, Ni Japanese Delicacies gets their smoked mackerel for their awesome rolls from Russ and Daughter’s, a NYC legacy renowned for their smoked fish. The quality is unmatched and it’s important to know that mackerel is not an easy fish to use. It is a “steakier” fish that has a stronger flavor, compared to let’s say a more familiar fish, tuna. But with that being said, the texture and the flavor of the mackerel fish is truly unique and Ni Japanese Delicacies’ Smoked Mackerel Rolls highlight this unique concept. The natural flavor of the fish and the salt flavor from the smoking process are balanced perfectly in the rolls, to form a perfect harmony. It really is quite addictive!