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NYC Link Roundup: Trying New Restaurants, Dishes, & Cuisines in NY

The theme for this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup is trying new things: new restaurants, new dishes, new cuisines, etc. As we look to discover these great finds, we savor at the possibilities that New York City has to offer!

The Top 10 Turkish Restaurants in NYC
One cuisine that we really haven’t explored is Turkish cuisine. This article is a great look into the Turkish food scene in New York City. We love classic Turkish dishes like shish kabobs and hummus so we aim to try as many of these places before the end of the summer. This is an invaluable resource!

10 Secret NYC Restaurants To Impress Your Foodie Friends
From a hole in the wall burger joint in an odd location to an unmarked restaurant in a hip neighborhood, there are few things more exciting for a foodie in New York City than finding a hidden gem off the beaten path. This is a good update to our blog post on the best hidden restaurants in New York City.

Celebrate August Food Holidays in NYC!
Mark your calendars! There are a bunch of fun foodie holidays and events this month with everything from International Bacon Day (August 31) to National Spumoni Day (August 21).

Eat Around the World at this Fabulous Food Market
You should definitely add Smorgasburg Queens to your to do list as this foodie event promises amazing foods from around the world.

A Further Ten of New York’s Craziest Sandwiches
These crazy sandwiches are right in our wheelhouse (especially the potato salad sandwich from Cafe Zaiya, 18 E 41st St). This a perfect starting point for someone looking to try something a little different this weekend.

Where To Get The Best Banh Mi In NYC
Speaking of sandwiches, one of favorite sandwiches are banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches). Our go to place for banh mi is in fact Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli (369 Broome St) but we are definitely looking to try the other places on this list. All of them sound amazing!

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich

As always, feel free to forward us any good articles or blog post for next month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup in the comment section below.