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The Best All You Can Eat Restaurants and Buffets in New York City

There are surprisingly a lot of all you can eat options in New York City and a lot of them are great deals. Looking for something exciting? There are Japanese buffets, Brazilian steakhouses, Italian restaurants and a whole lot more. So with that in mind, here are the best all you can eat restaurants and buffets in New York City.

99 Favor Taste – 285 Grand St
One of our favorite all you can eat places is still 99 Favor Taste in Chinatown. It is an all you can eat restaurant where all the meats, vegetables and seafood is grilled right in the middle of your table. There is also a fun hot pot option. Best of all if you get both the grill and the hot pot, it will only set you back $30.99.

IchiUmi – 6 E 32nd St
If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you will would love IchiUmi. They have almost everything you can ask for: chicken teriyaki, vegetable tempura, sushi, udon noodles, red bean ice cream, just to name a few. This is by far our favorite all you can eat buffet in New York City.

Becco – 355 W 46th St
If all you can eat pasta is more your speed, you have to check out Becco. Their all you can eat pasta special is simply one of the best deals you can get in New York City. There is a rotation of three pastas per day with items like ravioli, gnocchi and pasta with clam sauce or marinara sauce.

Hill Country Barbecue Market – 30 W 26th St
Speaking of deals, on the first Monday of every month, Hill Country offers an unbelievable all you can eat deal. For only $32, you can have a BBQ feast with brisket, ribs and chicken and with a bunch of choices for sides like mac & cheese and collard greens.

Vatan Indian Vegetarian – 409 3rd Ave
There are options for vegetarians too! We highly recommend Vatan, an all you can eat Indian vegetarian restaurant. For also $32, you can choose from several classic Indian dishes like samosas and masalas.

Texas de Brazil – 1011 3rd Ave
Finally, Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian American churrascaria/ steakhouse where grilled meats are presented and carved tableside. There are tons of delicious cuts of meat to choose from like filet minion, flank steak, chicken wrapped in bacon, etc. They also have a stocked soup and salad bar with everything from Manchego cheese to shrimp cocktail.