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Labor day weekend’s visit to Spain and Cuba (cuisine that is)

This past Labor day weekend in between making sure that all my tour goers were well fed I stopped by two tasty restaurants… Pipa tapas y mas and Cuba.

Pipa tapas y mas, located in the Flatiron district brought me back to my memories from a recent vacation in Barcelona. To start I ordered a glass of their Cava sangria…AMAZING! The sparkling wine and citrus flavors blended very well together.

Next my friend and I ordered a variety of tapas: chicken croquettes, calamari in its own sweet and savory sauce, skirt steak skewers and meatballs in a tomato meets light gravy sauce… all were very delicious and certainly a hearty meal.

When it came time for dessert… we ordered a trio of cheeses; all were soft, delicate and paired with dried cranberries and fig jam.

The decor is great too! It is located within ABC Carpet and the ceilings are covered with all sorts of chandeliers… very romantic πŸ™‚

My next adventure began at Cuba in the West Village.Β  Here I ordered a dish that had every day ingredients with a twist! The dish I ordered was Pollo Guajira. This dish was a chicken breast wrapped in mozzarella and a sweet plantain… its accompaniments were mushrooms and zucchini all cooked in a white wine sauce. The savory ingredients met by the sweet plantain were just what my taste buds needed!

For dessert, we ordered a warm cinnamon bread served in a red wine syrup reduction with a side of vanilla ice cream… it was called Torrejas Cubanas. YUMMY!!

Some of my friends that joined me ordered the paella… check it out!

Hope you all have a chance to enjoy these culinary delights!