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Alana’s Top Ten! Loving Food and Touring in NYC!

Greetings! As many of you know, August marked Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting’s two year anniversary! As those who’ve toured wth me know,  I absolutely LOVE food and exploring new restaurants, markets, and many of  NYC’s hidden food gems. There are many reasons why I love what I do, but here are the top 10 that I want to share with all of YOU.

1. Smiling faces on tour-goers as they taste and fall in love with new foods.

2. My anniversary dinner at Becco— endless homemade pasta!

3. Meeting tasters from all over the globe: France, England, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Lebanon, Israel, Canada and 20 or more locations from the US.

4. Discovering why NYC pizza is so amazing and sharing all my favorite pizza places with fellow tasters.

5. Creating the Sweet Sights tour and enjoying all the sweets to make sure future tasters would be satisfied… I can never get enough of those amazing chocolate chip cookies!

6. June’s Big Apple BBQ in Madison Square Park… Texas brisket and North Carolina Pulled Pork… OH MY!

7. Watching taster’s eyes light up as the enter some of the best hidden gems in NYC : An authentic Japanese Market, the oldest cheese shop in the USA, and an artisinal gelato shop!

8. Exploring the many outdoor markets in NYC and trying typical foods with new twists, i.e. Mexican popsicles.

9.Hearing fellow tasters tell me that they’ve been back to several of our tasting spots on their own… because they loved the food that much!

10. Opportunities to meet new tasters and share all these experiences again and again!  (This means YOU!!! Come on a tour!)

Don’t forget you have a few days left on our buy two get two sale!

Happy eating!