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Why take a New York City Food tour?

While Ahoy New York Food Tours has provided lots of locals and visitors alike with a New York City food tour experience, there are a lot of folks out there that do not know about food tours and why they are one of the best ways to discover NYC!

On our tours we take locals and visitors alike on a cultural walk of Chinatown and Little Italy. On this tour one will taste delicious foods while learning more about the culture and history of these unique New York City neighborhoods. One will taste ethnic foods, such as homemade fresh mozzarella and authentic Chinese dumplings, while seeing some of New York City’s hidden gems and historical landmarks.

Our food tours allow one to experience off-the-beaten path NYC neighborhoods, while being led on a food tasting adventure.  On this walking tour, not only will one taste ethnic foods, one will also discover culture and history—all in a very fun, lighthearted manner.

Our signature tour focuses on two ethnic New York City neighborhoods, Little Italy and Chinatown. A friendly guide will lead you on a food tasting walking tour, sharing hidden secrets about the neighborhoods and providing you with numerous recommended dining experiences so that you truly have the ultimate New York City food experience.

So, if you are looking for one of the ulitmate ways to discover New York City, and in particular, Chinatown and Little Italy– sign up for a tour with us!