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What to order at a Thai restaurant?

Surprisingly many of you Ahoy NY fans have had your first Thai eating experience on our Chinatown/Little Italy tour. I always find this intriguing! Coming from a small town in upstate NY, my first Thai eating experience was when I moved to NYC 6 years ago. So for those of you who are “new” to Thai cuisine, here are some of my recommendations:

Pra ram– a peanuty curry with a hint of spice and a touch of coconut milk. I often find pairing this curry with beef tastes the best!

Pad see ew- this flat rice noodle dish is a hearty meal. It consists of rice noodles served with dark and light soy sauce and Chinese broccoli (bok choy). You can also pair this with chicken, beef, or my favorite shrimp. If you really enjoy this dish, the recipe is easy to find and is actually a simple dish to make at home!

Pepper Steak- for those of you who like a good steak, try ordering a pepper steak at a Thai restaurant. The steak is served  thinly sliced with fresh red and green peppers and of course fresh ground black pepper…a bit spicy but very good.

Lastly, Orange chicken (featured below), this chicken “tempura” dish has a hint of an orange glaze that makes it sweet and a bit savory at the same time. This is always a hit on the tour!

Here is to a hearty Thai meal! Join us on our Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest tour to capture the experience!