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Top 10 Restaurants and Specialty Eateries in Alphabet City in NYC

Looking for something slightly off the beaten path?

Alphabet City is often overlooked by both locals and visitors to New York City but it is a rapidly changing neighborhood. It is now home to a number of great restaurants and specialty eateries. Every block truly has something interesting to try, such as the best porchetta sandwiches, a legendary hot dog and even a fresh take on pudding. It is every foodie’s dream.

Here is our top ten restaurants and specialty eateries in Alphabet City, and get started on your own foodie adventure.

Takahachi – 85 Ave A
Takahachi is popular sushi joint, where the fish is always very fresh and tender and just melts in your mouth. If you are looking for something other than sushi and sashimi, their Chilean Sea Bass marinated in white miso is often described as heaven on a plate.

Porchetta – 110 E 7th St
Alphabet City is known for a cluster of small eateries specializing in one or two dishes. Porchetta is a Chef Sara Jenkins establishment and they make, you guessed it, amazing porchetta sandwiches. The best part is the burnt ends which give the sandwich a little crunch.

Crif Dogs – 113 St. Marks Pl
Crif Dogs is legendary for their plump, juicy hot dogs – they bring hot dogs to a whole new level. Crif Dogs also has a number of crazy options for toppings to keep things exciting.

Puddin’ – 102 St Marks Pl
After a Porchetta sandwich for early lunch and perhaps a Crif Dog for a late lunch you can’t beat a Puddin’ pudding for the ultimate dessert. It is wildly addictive, creamy and decadent. You can also find all sorts of interesting toppings such as marshmallow creme and angel food cake.

Hummus Place – 109 St. Marks Pl
It may be difficult to make a hummus that really stands out but the Hummus Place somehow manages to conquer this quest. Dare we say that the Hummus Place has some of the best hummus in the city? It is perfect for a cheap (and healthy) snack with friends.

Lavagna Restaurant – 545 E 5th St
Lavagna Restaurant is a somewhat hidden gem in Alphabet City serving authentic home-style Italian cooking such as its well-known rigatoni which is bellissimo.

Odessa – 119 Ave A
Odessa is a local diner serving all the classic comfort foods such as burgers but you must start your meal here with their pierogies.

Pylos – 128 E 7th St
For finer dining, Pylos is a restaurant which any Greek food lover must try. Their moussaka is always a hit.

Matilda – 647 E 11th St.
Matilda is another option for finer dining in Alphabet City. It is an Italian and Mexican fusion restaurant, which may sound a bit odd but Matilda makes it happen. An example of their ingeniousness is their Prosciutto Quesadilla which can be summed up in one word, amazing.

Royale – 157 Avenue C
During the warmer months, Royale has a popular outdoor garden but you don’t have to wait until next summer to get your hands on one of their juicy signature burgers. They just may serve one of the best burgers in Alphabet City.