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Top Ten NYC Pizza Places from Ahoy New York Food Tours, NYC

There is always one important food topic that comes up while we are giving our yummy food tours—that is PIZZA! Many of you locals and visitors are always in search for that ultimate NYC slice. Here at Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting we’ve done our best to try as many slices of NYC pie that are out there. Below is our top ten list. ENJOY!

1- John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street: 278 Bleecker Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues).  $$ John’s serves pizza by the pie; they have a “No Slices” rule… trust us that will not be a problem! (See pic below of Alana eating at John’s).

2- Joe’s Pizza: 7 Carmine Street at the intersection of 6th and Bleecker. $ Here you simply order a slice of your choice…limited seating, we recommend sitting in the nearby park.

3- L’Asso: 192 Mott Street (at Kenmare Street) $$ “Home of The Pizza D.O.C.” using only the best Italian ingredients this restaurant guarantees yummy pizza. They even have a pizza making guide book to ensure you learn more about their trade.

4- Lombardi’s Pizza: 32 Spring Street $$ America’s first pizzeria!

5- Patsy’s Pizzeria: Multiple locations. $$ Open since 1933, Patsy’s has five great locations, serving up delicious brick oven pizza.

6- Motorino Pizza: 349 E 12th Street (and 1st Avenue) $$ This is Rachael Ray’s favorite NYC pizza; we’ve even seen her there! (See pic below of a slice of Motorino’s pizza).

7- Grimaldi’s Pizza: 19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn (under Brooklyn Bridge) $$ If walking across the famous Brooklyn Bridge, you must reward yourself with a pie at Grimaldi’s; they have an incredible coal-brick oven pie.

8- L&B Spumoni Gardens: 2725 86th Street (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn) $ Make sure to try their slice of Sicilian pizza, you will be in for a wonderful treat. After your slice, have some dessert, their homemade spumoni or an Italian Ice.

9- Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano: 1524 Neptune Avenue (between 15th and 16th Streets, Coney Island) $$ One of the best examples of classic Neapolitan pizza. If heading out to Coney Island, you MUST try their pizza.

10- Di Fara’s Pizza: 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn $ This has been called one the best places to get a slice or an entire pie of Dominick DeMarco’s famous pizza. This is what we call a one man show! Dominick grows his own herbs, makes his own sauce and makes each and every pizza himself. Di Fara’s is about 45 minutes via subway from midtown Manhattan, and you’ll wait a bit for your pizza…but it may just be the best pizza you’ve ever had in your ENTIRE life!

We hope you have a chance to visit one, two, three or more of these amazing New York City Pizzerias.

Lombardi's Margherita Pizza