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The Six Most Buzz-Worthy Restaurant Openings in New York City

If you are a foodie, New York City is truly an exciting place to live in and certainly to visit. There are new restaurant openings every day and they can range from Chinese hotpot spots to the latest Bobby Flay establishment. Here are the six most recent buzz-worthy restaurant openings in New York City that definitely should be on your radar.

General Assembly – 360 Park Ave S
General Assembly has been described as a market-driven grill with a European-inspired menu. In addition to items like duck confit and steak frites with Colorado lamb, the item that has everyone talking is their raclette service. It a small tray of cheese, melted with a small candle with cured meats and vegetables for dipping.

Gato – 324 Lafayette St
Bobby Flay is a busy man and Gato is Bobby Flay’s first restaurant opening in New York City in years. It is a Spanish/ Mediterranean inspired restaurant, starring dishes like crab risotto, lamb sausage pizza and kale and mushroom paella.

Mission Cantina – 172 Orchard St
Mission Cantina is a wildly popular Mexican restaurant, founded by Danny Bowien (who is best known for Mission Chinese Food). Bowien gives a unique spin on Mexican food and we recommend their alambres taco, rotisserie chicken and chicken wings. All are very tasty.

Sushi Nakazawa – 23 Commerce St
Sushi Nakazawa has been the talk of the foodie world the last couple of months. Daisuke Nakazawa is a renowned sushi chef and he is probably best known for being the protégé of Jiro Ono and being featured in the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. A seat at the sushi bar is highly coveted and the food and service is unparalleled.

M. Wells Steakhouse – 43-15 Crescent St, Queens
There are a lot of good steakhouses in New York City but M. Wells Steakhouse opening was highly anticipated. It has been mentioned as the start of the next generation of steakhouses. They have a large menu featuring many different cuts of steak along with more unusual items like foie gras gnocchi and onion & bone marrow soup.

99 Favor Taste – 285 Grand St
99 Favor Taste is a popular Chinese hotpot and BBQ restaurant in Sunset Park and they have just expanded to Lower East Side. It opened with a lot of buzz and excitement. The restaurant is usually packed during dinner hours so we definitely suggest making a reservation. All you can eat hotpot is $18.99, all you can eat BBQ tableside is only $25.99 and if you want both it is only $31.99. Their BBQ steak ribs and boneless steak are an absolute must.

99 Favor Taste BBQ