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The Best Mac and Cheese in New York City

When you think of American comfort foods, mac and cheese has to be one of the first things that comes to mind. It is certainly on our minds at the moment, so here is Ahoy New York’s list of the best mac and cheese in New York City. Trust us there aren’t any versions made with the powder that comes out of a box!

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – 900 Broadway
If you love mac and cheese and haven’t try Beecher’s mac and cheese, you are really missing out. It is incredibly creamy, smooth and it is the perfect mix of cheese to give it some depth of flavor without being too complicated.

S’MAC – 345 E 12th St
S’MAC is a popular hotspot in the East Village so unfortunately it is often packed and we usually find ourselves ordering their mac and cheese to go. Our favorite mac and cheese is their Alpine. It pairs Gruyere cheese and smokey bacon. When they ask you if you want breadcrumbs with your order, your answer should always be yes!

MacBar – 54 Prince St
The MacBar in SoHo is another place dedicated just to mac and cheese. We especially love, love their lobster mac and cheese but they also have a menu with a number of mac and cheese variations so every visit can be a fun foodie adventure.

Artisanal Bistro – 2 Park Avenue
Artisanal Bistro is one of the premier places for cheese in New York City so it is no surprise that they have mastered the craft of mac and cheese. It is incredibly tasty and it is everything you want and more.

Blue Smoke – 116 E 27th St & 255 Vesey St
Blue Smoke is probably best known for their salt and pepper ribs but we also make sure to save enough room for their mac and cheese. It is simply mouthwatering and uber cheesy (which for the record is the best kind of mac and cheese).

The Mac Truck – @mactruckny
We have seen the Mac Truck around New York City and it was not until recently that were we able to try their mac and cheese and wow it is amazing! Their classic mac and cheese is a no brainer but their other mac and cheeses sound equally as delicious and we can’t wait to tried a new option the next time around.

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