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The Best Five Dollar Lunches in New York City

Only in New York City can one find a sundae for $1000 at Serendipity 3 or lunch for only five dollars. Yes, tasty five dollar lunches do exist but you have to know where to look. So here is Ahoy New York’s list of the best five dollar lunches in New York City.

2 Bros Pizza – 36 St. Marks Pl and Other Locations
Two Bros Pizza is one the best bargains that you can find in New York City. For only $2.75 you get two slices with a can of soda. There is also one 2 Bros Pizza location that serves the supreme slice. It is a larger slice that uses a plum Italian tomato sauce so it is a bit sweeter. Two supreme slices and a can of soda is still less than $5.

Gray’s Papaya – 402 6th Ave & 2090 Broadway
Gray’s Papaya and it competitors Papaya King and Papaya Dogs have been staples for college students and other thrifty New Yorkers for years. Its star attraction is the Recession Special which is two hot dogs fresh off the griddle and a 14 oz. drink. One of the drinks you can get is the namesake papaya drink and we can’t recommend it enough.

Halal Food Carts – 46th and 6th Ave and Other Locations
Halal food carts are all over city and everyone has their favorites. Almost all have a delicious gyro that is loaded with chicken or lamb and vegetables for about $4 which leaves that last $1 for a can of soda or a bottle of water.

Tasty Dumpling – 54 Mulberry St
There are a number of dumplings shops in Chinatown and one of our favorites is Tasty Dumpling (which we visit on our walking tour). In addition to their dumplings which are indeed tasty they have a yummy pancake with beef. It is a scallion pancake sliced in half with sliced beef, vegetables and herbs stuffed inside. It can get a bit messy but it is incredibly delicious.

Paris Sandwich Bakery Cafe – 113 Mott St & 213 Grand St
Recently, Vietnamese sandwiches are becoming more popular as they are cheap and quick lunches that are great on the go and full of flavor. One of our go to lunch spots in Chinatown is Paris Sandwich Bakery Cafe. We tend to rotate between grilled chicken and grilled pork on one of their crunchy baguettes served with pickled carrots & peppers. What is the best part? They are only $3.50.

Mamoun’s Falafel – 119 MacDougal St & 22 St. Marks Place
You can get some of the best falafel in NYC at Mamoun’s Falafel and Mamoun’s happens to be one of the cheapest falafel spots. Their falafels are just perfect with a tiny bit of tahini sauce. The place is tiny and there are sometimes long lines however the lines move quickly.

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