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Ahoy New York’s Foodie To Do List for the Summer

Today is the official start of summer! With that in mind, here is Ahoy New York’s foodie to do list for the summer. All the restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias etc. below have a ton of buzz about them and we can’t wait to try them all.

Try Dominique Ansel Bakery’s Cronut – 189 Spring St
Since it was introduced, there have been long lines every day of people waiting to buy Dominique Ansel’s latest creation, the cronut. The cronut is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. Long lines may actually be an understatement as there have been stories of scalpers, people paying to cut the line and of course bootlegs. But all of these stories just make us want a cronut that much more!

Dine at Wylie Dufresne’s new restaurant Alder – 157 2nd Ave
Wylie Dufresne is the face of molecular gastronomy, which bring science and new techniques into cooking, resulting in wildly innovative and imaginative new dishes. WD-50 is a critically acclaimed restaurant but it is definitely on the expensive side. His new restaurant Alder is more casual and affordable (there is no dish here over $25) but it still features dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. One dish that we want to try is his rye pasta with shaved pastrami, a Reuben sandwich in noodle form.

Devour an Umami Burger – 432 6th Ave and Other Locations (Opening Soon)
There are a ton of burger options in New York City and there is going to be at least one more. Umani Burger, a California chain, is opening up shop in Greenwich Village (which is the first of several planned). It has been described as a burger sensation and in fact, Umani Burger by far had the longest line at the Great Googa Mooga food festival.

Sample The Montanara Pizza from Forcella – 334 Bowery St and Other Locations
The Montanara Pizza is a Neapolitan pizza with a deep fried crust and it is the signature pizza at Forcella. It definitely has us intrigued and it is definitely a twist on a New York favorite.

Check out the Italian Food Center – 189 Grand Street
The Italian Food Center replaces an old (some would even say iconic) deli in Little Italy with the same name and at the same location. Since its grand opening, it is constantly swarming with people. There is not a lot of information about the new Italian Food Center however we heard through the grapevine that they make a great turkey melt.

Have a restaurant you are excited about and can’t wait to try? We would love to hear about your foodie to do list for the summer. You can share that with us on Facebook or Twitter.