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The Best Chicken Wings in New York City

Who can resist a really, really good chicken wing? Whether you are looking for Buffalo wings, fried chicken wings or something a little different, here are the best chicken wings in New York City. It is hard (very hard) to have just one chicken wing from any of these places. Trust us!

Atomic Wings – 311 Broadway & Other Locations
Atomic Wings’ Buffalo wings pack a lot of flavor and they have several sauces to choose from, ranging from mild to very, very spicy. They are quite addictive and they are served with the classic combination of celery, carrots and blue cheese in addition to their famous waffle fries.

BonChon Chicken – 207 W 38th St & Other Locations
BonChon Chicken’s Korean fried chicken wings are undeniably scrumptious. The meat is so tender and juicy and the skin is crispy and so satisfying. You can’t go wrong with ordering half the chicken wings with their soy garlic sauce and half with their hot sauce.

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque – 103 2nd Ave & Other Locations
We just love, love Mighty Quinn’s and we love their chicken wings. They have a nice smoky flavor and they have quite the kick. What more can we say? They are just perfect. Similarly, Georgia’s Eastside BBQ (192 Orchard St) and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (700 W 125th St & Other Locations) both have amazing wings.

Pok Pok NY – 117 Columbia St, Brooklyn
Ike’s Vietnamese fish sauce wings are worth the travel alone. They are probably unlike any chicken wings that you have tasted before due to the fish sauce. The wings have a nice crisp, they are quite spicy and incredibly delicious.

XO Cafe and Grill Restaurant‎ – 41 Elizabeth St
One off the beaten path and underrated place for chicken wings is XO Cafe and Grill Restaurant‎ in Chinatown. Their Japanese style chicken wings are truly something special. They are just bursting with flavor and are finger licking good.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken – 28 E 1st St
Blue Ribbon’s signature fried chicken wings are the star of a great lunch. Be on the lookout for their lunchbox special which has 5 wings, small fries and a drink for only $8! Their chicken is quite tasty by itself but we really can’t resist sampling all of their sauces at each visit.

Mister Chicken II Chicken Wings