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Chinese New Year

Everything You Need to Know about Celebrating Chinese New Year in New York City

Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year also known as the Lunar New Year begins on Friday, February 12, 2021 and it is a very exciting time to be in Chinatown. It is the year of the ox and it is going to be a festive weekend. Here is our guide with everything that you need to know about…

The Meaning Behind the Symbols and Traditions of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Dinner

Happy Chinese New Year! Have you ever wondered why red is so prominent in Chinese New Year or why lion and dragon dances are so important? Here are the meanings behind the most common symbols and traditions of Chinese New Year. The Color Red, Red Lanterns and Red Envelopes Chinese New Year Red

NYC Foodie Link Roundup: Best Chinese Restaurants in NYC, Chinese New Year & More!

Cafe Hong Kong Conch & Fried Tofu

February is a very exciting month to be in New York City! Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year are both right around the corner. So with that in mind, in this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup we take a look at the best Chinese restaurants in New York City, celebrating Chinese New Year in Chinatown…

The Symbolic Meanings of Chinese New Year Foods

The Chinese New Year, aka the Lunar New Year is a time of celebration and welcoming of good fortune and prosperity. It started last Thursday, February 19 (Year of the Sheep). Food is a very important part of celebrating Chinese New Year and here is everything you need to know, including the symbolic meanings of…