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Staff Picks: Where to Eat in Manhattan’s Chinatown

95 HomeDish Crabmeat Soup Dumplings

Chinatown is a great and diverse foodie destination, so Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting is saddened to hear that many restaurants and shops have been negatively affected by fear of the Coronavirus. NYC has not had any confirmed cases of Coronavirus and all of the neighborhoods in the vicinity of Chinatown as well are open for business. So we want to highlight some of our favorite restaurants; many of these are small businesses that are family owned. Here are our staff picks for the seven best restaurants in Manhattan’s Chinatown. We are all still happily shopping, dining and showing our support in Chinatown!

Also if you shop or dine at Chinatown’s businesses until March 15, 2020 you can bring your receipt to the Chinatown Information Kiosk on Baxter & Canal Street and be entered into a raffle for some great prizes. You can’t beat that!

95 HomeDish – 95 Chrystie St

95 HomeDish Shrimp with Walnuts 2

95 HomeDish is definitely a hidden gem in Chinatown. This restaurant is perfect for family style dining and they have many different Chinese cuisines represented. We highly recommend their Shanghai soup dumplings, Peking duck and garlic chicken. They also have our pick for the best fried shrimp with candied walnuts in Chinatown. Trust us, it is delicious!

XO Taste – 41 Elizabeth St

XO Taste Sizzling Chicken Platter

P.C.: yelp, Grace N.

XO Taste has a huge menu, ranging from Chinese classics like beef chow fun to more unusual items for Chinatown like their mixed meats sizzling platter (which has a steak, pork chop, lamb and an Italian sausage). There is something for everyone here and you won’t go hungry as their portion sizes are huge! Keep an eye out for their specials on their wall.

Nuan Xin Rice Roll – 97 Elizabeth St

Nuan Xin Rice Roll Sweet Rice Roll

>P.C.: Nuan Xin Rice Roll

Nuan Xin Rice Roll has quickly become one of our go to lunch spots in the neighborhood. They specialize in Taiwanese fan tuan (rice rolls in nori wrappers). Nuan Xin Rice Roll uses purple rice aka forbidden rice and it is a tasty and healthy twist to this classic.

HK Wonton Garden – 79 Mulberry St

HK Wonton Garden Wonton Noodle Soup

P.C.: yelp, John D.

Wonton noodle soup is comfort food at its very best. HK Wonton Garden is a no frills, cheap eats spot that has an amazing wonton noodle soup. Their wontons are always bursting with flavor and their broth is top notch.

Shanghai Asian Cuisine – 14A Elizabeth St

Shanghai Asian Cuisine Shanghai Lo Mein with Pork

Another of our go to lunch spots in Manhattan’s Chinatown is Shanghai Asian Cuisine. We love their Shanghai noodles, Shanghai soup dumplings, wine chicken, mock duck and stir fried rice cakes. Be sure to also check out all our picks for our favorite Shanghai restaurants in Chinatown.

Lung Moon Bakery – 83 Mulberry St

Lung Moon Bakery Egg Tarts

If you are looking for dessert or a sweet snack, you have to check out Lung Moon Bakery’s egg tarts. They are super addictive and in fact, we recommend getting at least two so you can have one for later! Lung Moon Bakery also has a bunch of scrumptious buns and other Chinese snacks to choose from.

Silk Road Cafe – 30 Mott St

Silk Road Cafe Chinese Hot Tea

Finally, Silk Road Cafe is a neighborhood favorite and a great spot to meet with friends in the heart of Chinatown. They have a great selection of hot Chinese teas, delicious bubble teas, light snacks and more.

It is so hard to narrow down this list to just seven restaurants so here are more restaurants, shops and bakeries that we recommend: Ajisen Ramen (14 Mott St), Mama Eatery (46 Mulberry St), Nom Wah Tea Parlor (13 Doyers St), Tasty Dumpling (42 Mulberry St), Pho New York Restaurant (73 Mulberry St), Amazing 66 (66 Mott St), Mei Lai Wah (64 Bayard St), Keki Modern Cakes (79 Mott St) and Eggloo (60 Mulberry St).