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Seven Fun and Unique Restaurants in New York City

Funny BBQ Skewers

With everything from a ninja theme restaurant to a Brazilian steakhouse, there is something for everyone in New York City’s foodie scene! If you are looking for something a little different, here are seven fun and unique restaurants in New York City. These restaurants all offer a unique dining experience or theme.

Ninja – 25 Hudson St

Ninja New York

P.C.: yelp, Winnie Y.

As you may have guessed, Ninja is a Japanese ninja theme restaurant! Many dishes on the menu have either an interactive element or a little show such as a magic trick. These dishes are marked with a little ninja star on the menu and we like to order as many of these as possible! Ninja is definitely a one of the kind restaurant in New York City.

Beetle House – 308 E 6th St

Beetle House

P.C.: yelp, Peter D.

Ever wish you can meet some of the characters in classic Tim Burton’s movies like Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride or Edward Scissorhands? You can at Beetle House! Beetle House is a bar and restaurant in the East Village where everyday feels like Halloween. This place is small so we highly recommend a reservation.

Fogo de Chão Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse – 40 W 53rd St

Fogo de Chão Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse

P.C.: Fogo de Chão Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse

There is a common saying that we eat with our eyes first. Fogo de Chão takes full advantage of this! It is an upscale Brazilian steakhouse where are sorts of delicious meats like beef, lamb and chicken is brought to your table so you can choose whatever looks good to you. It is a lot of fun and because you want to try everything, you definitely want to come here with an empty stomach.

Dirt Candy – 86 Allen St

Dirt Candy Corn Cake

P.C.: yelp, Thomas W.

Dirt Candy is a fun and innovative vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the Lower East Side. They definitely prove that vegetarian dishes don’t have to be boring! Dirt Candy doesn’t offer an a la carte menu but instead has a tasting menu, hand picked by the chef. The menu changes a lot but some fun past dishes include jalapeño hush puppies, a broccoli hot dog and corn cake served with popcorn ice cream. Yum!

Gyu-Kaku – 34 Cooper Sq & Other Locations

Fogo de Chão Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse

Gyu-Kaku is Japanese BBQ restaurant where you can grill all your meats right in the middle of your table. This type of dining is getting more popular but Gyu-Kaku is still one of our go to places. There is a good selection of meats and they are always fresh and flavorful.

Funny BBQ – 98 Bowery

Funny BBQ Skewer Combo

P.C.: yelp, Elaine H.

You may have seen Chinese-style grilled meats served on a skewer in food stands scattered around Chinatown. Funny BBQ takes that style of cooking and offers it in an all you can to eat restaurant. You can order from a huge menu and we, of course, have a lot of favorites! We definitely have to have squid, shrimp, beef, short ribs, chicken and fish balls. The list can go on and on! They also offer hot pot which can be a lot of fun too.

Alice’s Tea Cup – 102 W 73rd St & Other Locations

Alice’s Tea Cup

P.C.: yelp, Chris G.

Finally Alice’s Tea Cup is like taking a step into the pages of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book and it has been described as “New York’s most whimsical tea house”. There are so many teas and small bites to try and this can be a great option if you looking for a memorable brunch or high tea experience.