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The Seven Best Takeout Restaurants in Chinatown, New York City

New Malaysia Restaurant Hainanese chicken over rice

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to cook or to dine out and of course you shouldn’t have to compromise with cold or soggy food. That is why we’ve created this post as Chinatown is especially known for its tasty and convenient takeout spots. Please enjoy our list of the seven best takeout restaurants in Chinatown, New York City… and the best news is that you can get lunch or dinner for less than $10 at any of these restaurants.

Wing Kee WK Restaurant – 69 Bayard St

WK Beef Chow Fun

P.C.: yelp, K C.

Wing Kee WK Restaurant is a no frills Chinese restaurant and their rice orders have been a staple for takeout in the neighborhood. They have all the classic Chinese dishes that you have come to love and expect and we especially love their sweet and sour pork over rice and beef chow fun.

Big Wong – 67 Mott St

Big Wong Roast Pork Soy Sauce Chicken Rice

P.C.: yelp, Harvey C.

When you think of Chinese food, char siu (BBQ pork) over rice is one of the quintessential lunch items. It is especially a good option if you are in rush. It is tasty and you can be in and out of the restaurant in less than 5 minutes. Our favorite place for char siu is Big Wong which has been in Chinatown for seemingly forever. They also have good congee!

Great NY Noodletown – 28 Bowery

Great NY Noodletown

P.C.: yelp, Richard W.

If you are looking for soup noodles perhaps with soy sauce chicken, roast duck or wontons, NY Noodle Town is one of your best bets. It is open late night and it is very fast and convenient. HK Wonton Garden (79 Mulberry St) is also another good noodle shop and it is our favorite wonton spot.

Ajisen Ramen – 14 Mott St

Ajisen Ramen Hiyashi Chuka Cold Ramen

There is much more than just Chinese food in Chinatown. Ajisen Ramen is one of favorite ramen shops in New York City and it is located in the heart of Chinatown. Nothing beats ramen straight out of the kitchen but Ajisen Ramen packs their ramen well and their cold ramen, hiyashi chuka is especially yummy on the go.

Thai Jasmine Restaurant – 106 Bayard St

Thai Jasmine Chicken Pad Thai

P.C.: yelp, Lili R.

If you are craving Thai food, then you are in luck! There is Thai Jasmine Restaurant, another staple in the neighborhood. We recommend their pad thai, pad se ew and Thai fried rice.

Bo Ky – 80 Bayard St

Bo Ky Country Duck

Bo Ky is a great noodle shop but they are renowned for their country duck. You can get it served over rice and it makes for a hearty lunch or dinner. Honestly, we order country duck over rice to go at least once a week. It is that incredible.

New Malaysia – 48 Bowery

New Malaysia Pork Chop and Fried Rice

New Malaysia was once the best kept secret in Chinatown. It is hidden in an alley so it can be easy to miss. But it is now a very popular foodie spot and it has the best Hainanese style chicken in New York City.